Homemade oatmeal facial scrub with step by step pictures

                                                                    DIY Scrub
 Many a times when we look in the mirror we have a skin which is dull, dry and flaky.This can be due to lack of exfoliation .To get rid of dead skin cells which clogged the top layer of the skin we need to exfoliate our skin to get the hidden  youthful looking skin to the top.
One should not over exfoliate their skin .Over exfoliation can aggravate the problems rather than alleviating them.So those who have problematic skin can exfoliate but gently and not too often and when you are in doubt do consult a doctor.
There are many facial scrub which you can make according to your skin type .Some of the famous one are green tea body scrub , diy sugar scrub, honey sugar scrub etc.These are cheap scrubs which are organic and have their own benefits.
Exfoliation is must for woman after 20 and especially those who are fighting their aging battle.It helps in blood circulation and removal of dead skin cells .Oat meal scrub is most invigorating to the skin , leaves the skin rosy and healthy.
Here goes the DIY exfoliating scrub recipe
Step1 – Take half cup oatmeal (Finely grind the oatmeal in a blender or in a processor)
Step2 – Add 1/4th cup of plain yogurt/curd or butter milk in it.
Step3 – Add 2tbsp. of honey in it.
Mix all the ingredients together and make a smooth paste of it.Apply it on your face and neck for fifteen minutes and wash it off with warm water.
If you have a problem skin then you can add tea tree oil in it  or if you are fond of essential oil then you can add 1 drop of basil oil and 1.4tbsp of apple cider vinegar in it .

You have to apply the mixture in gentle circular movement .This scrub can be used thrice in a week. I know it is messy but it can be a good skin treatment for women who want to delay aging.

For best results wash the scrub with warm water which and add squeeze one lemon in it.
In summer you can store the scrub in the fridge for 2 hours and then enjoy  the cold scrub.

Have you tried the oatmeal facial scrub recipe?

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  1. candy this much get used easily if u use it on whole body….:)

    curd honey on your body..don u feel good 😀
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  2. My problem is worse..i am allergic to honey …if i have it i will puke it then and there..:$
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  3. sounds yummy..this scrub..u have a way with these things girl..im trying it today itself..will post later at night how it felt..have an evening out today 🙂

  4. wow..an evening out that too on monday..:)

    I enjoy being herbal and organic so keep trying themm..do let me know how it turns out..your skin will feel soft when u use it for the first time:)

  5. isnt it too much for just one time :-s
    itna sara oatmeal, fir curd and honey etc.. :-s
    but gud one…
    m out of outmeal mummie 🙁
    shopping list tayar ho rahi hai! lolz

  6. it is..and it is not that messy as compared to other scrub..when i was clicking the last pic i almost wanted to eat the whole scrub only 😀


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