Homemade relaxing salt bath for sore muscles and head ache


There is nothing better than a relaxing salt bath for relieving stress at the end of hard day work. If you get bath salt from market then they will cost you a bomb so isn’t it better to make them at home and enjoy its benefits .You can make your own bath salt and add your favorite essential oil in it to get your personalized version.

Benefit of using salt in your bath water is that it drain the aches from muscles, relieves your from stress and its soothing scents fills you with a sense of wellbeing .After taking this bath you will be totally refreshed and rejuvenated.

Ingredients required:-

½ cup Epsom salt or sea salt (Saindha namak)

You can get Epsom salt from any chemist store. It is traditionally used as a bath salt. Epsom salts are made up of a naturally occurring mineral that is found in water. More properly known as magnesium sulphate .If your chemist doesn’t understand what Epsom salt is then you can ask for magnesium suplhate.

I you don’t get it then use sea salt which is called as Sainda namak in hindi.

1/4th cup baking soda

1tsp glycerin

Food color of our choice. You can use yellow or blue.

Essential oil of your choice in which lemon oil and peppermint oil are my favorite. You can use lavender, sandalwood, orange too .Choice is completely yours.

3 drops vanilla extract


1. Grind the salts in a mixer and take it out in a bowl.

2. Add baking soda in it.

3. Add food coloring, essential oil, extract and keep stirring it quickly to avoid clumping.

4. Coloring and essential oil can be added according to your preference. If you like dark colors then add more food coloring .

5. Let the mixture get dried for 12 hours and then store it in a jar.

Whenever you want to use it just fill your tub with warm water and pour the salt mixture into it. You can add salt as much as you like albeit 2tbsp is more than enough.

It’s an ideal gift for your friends also. Just make this salt and pack it in a beautiful jar. Decorate it a bit and gift it to your friend. You can add sea shells in 1/4th of the jar and then add the bath salt to give it an ocean theme.



  1. Hey, I have been looking for this recipe since some time… so glad u posted about this – this is my weekend project 😀


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