Homemade Shampoo – How To Make Homemade Shampoo


By Prerana,

Yesterday I shampooed my hair with a home made shampoo recipe, which I do once or twice in a month to give rest to my hair from harsh chemicals of readymade shampoos. During the steps, I was also taking pictures so that I can share it with you girls too here. So here goes my steps..

Take some bits of any mild herbal soap in a bowl. Here I have taken khadi haldi-chandan mint soap which is herbal. You can also take shikakai soap which is readily available in market.

How To Make Homemade Shampoo

STEP 2. -Pour half cup of warm water in it to dissolve the soap.

Homemade shampoo recipe

STEP 3 – Add one spoon of olive oil in it.


Homemade shampoo for dry hair

STEP 4-Now squeeze out half lemon juice in the bowl.


Homemade shampoo for oily hair

STEP 5.Stir well and mix all the contents into fine soup like consistency. (Note: my mom used to mix 1egg also in this mixture to give protein treat to my hair when I was a child, but here I didn’t used it coz I don’t like the egg smell! If u wish, u could add it too)

Homemade Hair coniditioner


STEP 6.-Apply it on your scalp part by part and work up lather. Though this will not lather as much as your normal shampoo but will thoroughly cleanse your hair.

This is the final result I got…

Though wet, but I guess my camera is successful to capture clean hair pic.

Homemade Shampoo For Hair Loss

What do you have to say about this experiment? Did u ever try this recipe to wash your hair?

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  1. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

    awesome work..and i have never heard of this kind of a shampoo sounds great.. i will surley try ..how much does khadi haldi chandan mint soap cost prerana?

  2. surely i will try this out!i use grinded mustard seeds to wash my hair.it cleans and give nourishment to your hair and also helps in growth, but is messy and you have to clean your hair after drying from the husk of it ;)But believe me its worth a try

  3. Prerna……I have already prepared this shampoo after reading this post as I got one shikakai soap with me….will be treating my hair soon.. :dance:

  4. my gaawd..so soon..
    i am just thinking till now..

    by the way prerana can we use some herbal shampoo other than this soap and include all the things?

    • I was wondering if Anamika was being nice! I was even abt to say thanks :struggle: But now I know she has not changed. She is the same evil one :devil: 😛

  5. i am an angel who looks like an alien :alien: :alien:
    so i guess u r somewhere mistaken “Madddame ” :giggle: :giggle:

  6. hey, that’s a super easy recipe. :)) might try that sometimes…ur bowl-spoon set is so cute. i believe u got them from some delhi fair u posted an article on some days ago… 😛

  7. hey guys… i jz checdkd out tis websit nd it looks awesum.. lotta tips.. make ups and more importantly ur comments.. hehe :-)) so can i join u guys??

  8. Hi Prerana,

    Love your hair.. have i said that, love your tutorials… what kind of hair oil do you use to get your hair really growing..

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