Homemade Skin Toner Recipe|Cilantro Skin Toner – DIY


Homemade Skin Toner Recipe

Coriander leaves is another wonder product nature has gifted us. This is also called as Cilantro. The tender leaves have a very attractive green color and spreads out great aroma. It is mainly used to garnish for the food to taste good.


coriander leaves DIY skin freshner+skin care


Did you know, coriander leaves are the best remedy for a lot of skin problems like eczema, acnes, black heads, and skin rashes.

Today’s product is a skin refresher. A very easy do-it-yourself method with coriander leaves as the main ingredient.

Wash coriander leaves thoroughly and soak in half cup water. Leave it soaked overnight.


coriander leaves soaked in water DIY skin freshner+beauty skin care


The next morning separate the coriander leaves from water.

To this water add a spoon of lemon juice and half a spoon of honey and mix well.


lemon juice DIY skin freshner+skin care product

honey DIY skin freshner+facial skin care product


The skin refresher is ready.

Usage: Dab a cotton piece in to the refreshing water and apply on face and skin.

This is best used early in the morning as soon as you wake up.

Have you used cilantro leaves in your skin care regime?


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