Homeopathy And Grey Hair Cure


Homeopathy And Grey Hair Cure

Hello Beauties,

Today I am here with yet another prevalent beauty issue i.e. Pre-mature Greying of Hair. Well, as the age advances it is a natural process that the hair strands tend to turn grey as with age the melanin pigments in the hair follicles decreases and hair start greying on their own. Indians pre-dominantly experience greying of hair in their late 40’s but nowadays there are so many people who are suffereing with the greying of hair while they are still in their mid 20’s!

foods to prevent premature greying of hair

Well, this calls for a help as grey hair just don’t go with the young and dynamic personality of the young girls and boys. Even if we don’t talk about personality, it makes a person look much older and it is surely something any boy or girl would be happy about!

These days there are so many ways to cover grey hair strands in order to maintain the youthful looks. Well, to an extent I  surely agree with all of them but still if we look deep down, there is a certain possibility that the pre-mature greying of hair can be at least slowed down if not completely stopped because covering grey hair is not a permanent solution and it is a tedious task which needs to be done every once in a while!

Causes Of Grey Hair Which You Must Know -05

Today, I will be talking about one of the most holistic approaches towards treating various disorders in the human body i.e. Homeopathy. I am sure most of you might not agree but believe me I was also a non-believer in this science until I suffered from some hormonal and muscular issues back in 2011.

Well, let me tell you in brief that I was introduced by Homeopathy through my husband as my Father in law has been practicing Homeopathic Medicine under the State Government for 26 years and has now retired a year ago and is busy in private practice.

Then there is my Brother-in-law who is also a Homeopathic Doctor and has worked with companies like Richfeel & Dr. Batras (Currently working) who are poineer names in the treatment of hair related issues like hair loss, transplant, pre-mature greying etc.

So, when I asked them to tell me some briefs about what medicines to take to treat pre-mature hair greying, they told me few names but with the caution that the medicines are surely the best for treating the grey hair issue and don’t have an adverse impact on the body as such but still they advised to first consult a homeopathic practitioner who will take a detailed case history and then prescribe the suitable medicines for the treatment.

homeopathic medicines

So here I will be mentioning the names of the medicines which are commonly prescribed by Homeopathic doctors to prevent pre-mature greying of the hair.

Natrum Mur

Natrum Mur is a natural Homeopathic medicine of great help for treatment of grey hair.This Homeopathic medicine helps to improve the overall health of a person and boosts the immune system which in turn also aids in slowing down the greying of hair.


This medicine is also prescribed as a potential one to treat the problem of grey strands. The medicine is believed to control the de-pigmentation process to a great extent and the person surely feels the difference withing 2-3 months of usage.


It is a very powerful medicine in Homeopathy and I have also come to know its miraculous effects as the two doctors at my home discuss their patient’s case history with each other for a better medicinal suggestion. It tends to treat the dryness issue in the scalp and also helps in reviving the texture and pigmentation of the hair strands.

A medicine which is effective in treating premature greying of hair named Hairtone-K by German Homeo Laboratories /GHL was suggested by my FIL. It is composed of the medicines mentioned above and is suitable for all those who are struggling with pre-mature hair greying! 🙂

homeoathic medicine for greyness

homeopathy & premature greying

I hope you liked this post and would give a thought about consulting a Homeopathic Doctor to treat this problem.

Have you tried Homeopathy for treating Grey Hair?

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