Honey Uses For Pimples


Nidhi asks,

I have few acne spots and and I have heard that using honey can control it .I am asking because I don’ want honey to give me any reaction.Also, what food should I avoid to prevent acne ?




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  1. Actually, I have heard something different. In all home made packs, we substitute honey for lemon to treat pimples. For example, multani mitti with lemon and curd, besan with lemon and curd etc.,

  2. Honey mixed with nutmeg and cinnamon powder is the best treatment for acne. However use it only as a spot treatment because it can be drying.

  3. honey is completely safe… you don’t have to panic 🙂 … i use honey regularly.. 🙂
    just wash face and apply honey, give some upward strokes, its has anti-bacterial property .. leave it for 15 minutes and splash cold water and pat the skin dry :-)) :-))


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