Hot Kangna Ranaut On Harper’s Bazaar August 2010.

Kanagana Ranaut is one woman whose style is always unique and she is a trend setter in herself.I like her glowy skin and some how she is always different from others.I am obssesed with red nowadays and I couldn’t ignore how beautifully she is wearing creamy lipstick which is not too loud .She has kept her make up pretty neutral too on the rest of the face.

Well this hair color may suit her but if few of us went for it , we might land up having  hair which our maids have.
By the way looking at her lips I am pretty sure she went for a lip enhancement.Don’t you agree ?
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  1. yaa Tanz..she is too young also but I just didnt like her hair color..I hope girls dont go for it..looks like a washed out broom.isn't?


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