Hot Office Wear Trends This Season 2012


What comes to your mind, the minute I say office trends? Umm, plaintive colours, structured clothes, minimal make up etc? In short an absolutely understated approach to dressing.

Well, it’s not like that at. The Indian Office Environment actually gives us a lot of scope for experimentation. Unlike the western world, we have a gamut of options lined-up for us. Be it western formal wear or Indian wear, there’s plenty to choose from. Yet, why is it difficult dressing up for office?

The only reason I can think of is; a) our work environment and b) organizational culture.

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office fashion

Most of our organizations have dress-codes and Fridays are usually reserved for informals.

So, to make things easier, I decided to compile a list of office wear trends this season.

Are we ready?

When I was searching for rends this season, this is what I came across.

Blazer Coats are in; whether you are dressing up for a meeting with your clients or an interview, these surely add that much needed layer of sophistication. You can team this up with well structured skirts, trousers and even over a cocktail dress. And we thought blazers were meant for hardnosed C-Level Executives and B-School Students posing for photographs!

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Midi Skirt:  You can find them in different shapes, shades and sizes. You  can wear them for a formal occasion and wear printed ones on your informal days to add a dash of panache. It is subtle yet sexy.

midi skirts

Pencil Skirts: These have always been in vogue and suit almost all of us. In my honest opinion, pencil skirts, when teamed with a well fitted blouse and a jacket, is a sure-shot way to master the art of Corporate Power Dressing.

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Straight Cut Dresses: These can easily pass off a convenient and comfortable work wear. These are very feminine and add a dash of glamour to everyday life. These needn’t be in plain colours, these can worn in different shades and with different patterns. The best part is, accessorizing is fairly simple.

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If you think structured dresses are not your thing, then you might wanted to try printed dresses. These come in different styles and cuts. These come in Various prints such as ethnic, floral, geometrical, paisley etc. They are trendy as well!

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I hope this shed some light on office wear trends and always remember, less is always more when it comes to corporate dressing. There needs to be a subtleness in your dressing style. Walking into an office looking like a Christmas tree is your best bet to climn onto the ladder of weird people.

Go ahead, dress smart and make heads turn!


PS: Images were picked from Google searches and Wiseshe doesn’t own them.

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  1. Hey Sandhya…nice article…definitely a shift from the typical : white shirt-black trousers look 🙂
    I’d still think twice about wearing skirts to office here…especially when you are well endowed!

    • Thanks a bunch Vaish! 🙂
      I’ve had my share of wearing trousers to work, after which they stopped fitting me. I would love to wear skirts though, but the figure just doesn’t permit anything 😛
      But honestly, Indian workplaces aren’t the best when it comes to fashionable dressing..

  2. uhh sandy .. who wears dresses like the last pic to office ?? :laugh: :rotfl: overall a nice post,
    blazer is super cool attire just to give you dat x-factor during meetings .. i like the blue attire and the powersuit, stilletoes wala pic .. dats corporate power at its best ..

    • I want to wear one of those printed dresses to work 😀 Please play Kilimanjaro from Enthiran in the BG ok? =D The junta at my workplace dress up like dodos and thanks to them I also dress up like that :-/

          • sandy , i know wat vaish is saying .. they gawk at you for wearing salwar esp. if you are well endowed .. its disgusting ..
            Vaish today i saw a lady in that red suit, black pencil skirt at terminal .. i was green with envy :alien: ppl are opening gawking and she was walking with such attitude as if she does not care for teh world .. her make – up was impeccable .. my teammate (guy of course! :-D) was drooling .. :drool:

            • I know i know.. Chennai folks are no saints.. :-/ they stare at your, whistle at you, pass comments :-/ Morons man!
              I go green all over when I see those skinny women wear smart clothes 🙁

              • god knows .. i feel we have educated hooligans here .. i cannot imagine wearing saree .. folks all over the world are like dat only ..

                • I have no idea what joy they derive out of this 🙁 Travelling by public transport is even worse I tell you.. Over the last 7yrs i’ve mastered the fine art of elbowing ppl and pinching..

                  • LOL…i know.
                    Janani : see those chicks in the pyramid building? they always dress up like that and supeah—ahhhh attitude. i am always green looking at them.

                    Bangalore that way is better than Chennai…no hooting and all…but simply gawking. i hate all of those anyway !!

                    • sandy: elbowing and pinching .. i even once remember carrying a victorinox when i travelled to chennai .. and it was an old man for god’s sake .. :zombiekiller:

                      Vaish: yes those chicks only .. also chicks at bldg 1 .. why do yu think guys wanna go to Fc1 on fridays .. 😉

  3. Mmm…seriously speaking in India we do not have much of a choice since we are more into Indian Formals 🙁 but i love to get dressed in a comfy kurti and leggings..or a kurti with super loose patiyala…

    • Same to same.. Indian clothes are really comfy..But western clothes have their own charm, provided you can carry them off.. given a choice between Indian and western formals, I’d pick the former 🙂

  4. I wish I could wear Pencil skirts but my manager would go mad and the whole floor too. People stop working and stare at you and you would want to disappear 🙁

  5. my office is pretty cool, but they still will raise eyebrows if I wear printed dresses to work. however, I have worn pencil skirts with a nice looking shirt and this works.


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