Hot Oil Hair Treatment With Pictures (Damaged Hair Treatment)


By Prerana,                              Hot Oil Treatment For Hair For Dry And Damaged Hair

Every Girl wants beautiful shiny hair, but to gain fruitful result one has to do good amount of “hard Work”

Due to the polluted air, over use of chemical based hair products, brushing, hair styling, etc etc.. the hair becomes dry and dull. So now you have two choices to give back good health to your hair, either you can spend hundreds in a parlor and get “temporary beautiful hair” or you can try out some thing natural sitting at home for free !!!:D 😀

So instead of synthetic commercial hair care products, try out a hair treatment with natural hair oils like olive oil, coconut oil, almond oil etc..this can give you strong, lustrous hair.

How to do Hot Oil Hair Treatment(Thinning hair treatment )

Moisturizing hair and scalp with oil is common with girls, but if you use hot oil its effect is much intense. It penetrates the roots of hair much easily. You can use any oil or even mixture of different oils as per your choice but here I’m using coconut oil.

1. half cup oil (quantity as per hair length)
2. 2 towels. Or 1 towel if you have hair dryer
3. Half bucket hot water

(TIP : in summers you can also add few crushed mint leaves for cool-cool effect to scalp.)

STEP 1.First of all warm the oil to a bearable temperature. I have microwaved the oil to 60 degree for 2 minutes. Check it with your finger tips. There is an advantage of using M/Oven to heat oil u can reheat when the oil starts to cool slowly..

Hot Oil Hair Treatment


Make partitions of your scalp and start applying hot oil with your finger tips. Cover every corner of your scalp by making small-small partitions. Once you are done with full scalp, apply the remaining oil to your hair.


Olive oil hair treatment


Massage the scalp gently with finger tips. Massaging improve the blood circulation and promotes hair growth. Massage for a good 15minutes at least.

Best Hot Oil Hair TreatmentSTEP 4.

Heat water in a bucket and dip the towel in that hot water. Take it out and remove the excessive water.

Hot Oil Hair TreatmentCover your hairs with this towel completely like a turban. If you have a hair dryer, keep blowing the towel slowly slowly so the heat inside it remains intact.

Hot Oil Hair Treatment

If you don’t have a hair dryer then dip another towel in hot water. When the 1st towel (on your head) seems little cooled up then remove it and wrap the 2nd hot towel to your hair.

Hot Oil Hair Treatment


Do this for 1 hour and finally shampoo and condition as usual.

Olive oil for hair

In hot oil treatment, oil coats the hair giving them shine and glow, oil condition them and restore their moisture. Not even hair, it nourishes the scalp too. If hot oil treatment is given to hair regularly (2times per week) then it can stop your hair loss problem.

Have you done hot oil treatment for your hair? How was your experience?


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  1. Good that you are coming up with all the basic tutorials Prerana :yes: It will be so helpful for many. I remember when I did it the first time, I didn’t get it right.
    And I microwave my towel after dipping it in water and squeezing it out 😀 I know it sounds crazy but this way I find the heat stays longer than if I had dipped it in hot water.

  2. is there any method similar to this one ……………..

    to make hairs straight…………….????????????????????????????? :smug: ?:-) ?:-) ?:-)

  3. hai prerna ..nice post ..thanks ..hee hee even i keep towel in m/w..! 😀 😀 ..and the hair dryer tip is great…:D !

    hey pls u guys jaldi say do a tutorial on how 2 shampoo hair correctly ..? yes this basic thing i dunno… !! 🙁 :(:(..! i mean i use all egg and all in my hair ..but i think due to my incorrect shampooing hair when it dries … has “flyaways”…if u knw wat i mean ? not staright ..but not wavy also … but actualli my hair is supposed to be staright ..but never appears that way 🙁 :(..! so pls do a tut on this …ill be very happy ..! 😀

    • Khaddu, the main thing I will emphasize for you is, after you shampoo, keep the conditioner (some “intense” conditioner) on your hair for minimum of “5min” for the conditioner to work, it moisturizes the hair u know…I’m sure your ude-ude bal will settle down 😉

    • Pin straight hair is genetic ankur…see the hair of Chinese / Japanese girls (100% gals hv pin straight hair) and 100% African gals hv curly hair. And Indian genetics is not dominated by pin straight hair Ankur 😕
      So either u will have to use hair straightner for temporary pin straight hair, or take an hair straightning therapy from a reputed salon for 5-6months of pin straight hair (ie., till u cut / trim ur straight hair, or your normal wavy hair starts to grow from its roots) :-/ :-/

    • hey its multani mitti so for dry hair you will need oiling and hot oil hair treatment with it..and in one wash you will never get them is a patience thing to be done

    • hey its multani mitti so for dry hair you will need oiling and hot oil hair treatment with it..and in one wash you will never get them is a patience thing to be done

    • Oh too bad it didn’t work for you 🙁 I tried it myself and it didn’t make my hair dry. But I do oil my hair well the previous night and right after washing away the pack, I condition my hair with egg yolk and olive oil just like anamika has mentioned. Maybe you would want to try these if you haven’t done it earlier.

  4. oodles of love ana ..:D:D…!

    hey prer thanks fr ur tip ..main darti hoon ek din pooray baal hi na udd jaaye ..:( !

    so tell me some good conditioner also na ?? or even a herbal alternative to conditioner availabele commercially ??

  5. Hi Prer thanks for d tip. 🙂 🙂 . But gals how many times u replace the hot towel as my friend suggested me not to use hot towels more than 15 mins coz it can make ur hairs dull 🙁 🙁

  6. And Gals .. one small tip from me for hair shine 😎 .. Apply honey to wet hairs for 20 min after shampooing and just observe the wonders after 2-3 wash :-)) :-))


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