Hot Pooja bedi and her relationship fundas


Pooja Bedi is hot ,gutsy and independent.I am shocked to know that she is 40 year old who looks so fit and fantastic at this age. Albeit she has admitted of taking a botox treatment but many bollywood diva have also taken it and never admitted it.

I heard even Rekha and Aishwarya got it done but never heard them defending it.I heard Rekha one from our notorious blabber mouth Rakhi Sawant 😀

Coming back to Pooja .Well Pooja’s ex husband (Farhan Furniturewala) is getting married to Laila and pooja says her kids are very excited about it and infact she too is very keen in attending their marriage. The lady is going to wear beautiful gold gown for the reception.

I have never seen a woman being so excited about her ex husband’s marriage. Even if she is mature enough but what about the kids? How can they be ok about it?

Same goes with Saif ali khan’s kids, first their father made them meet italian women as their future mom and now Kareena who from no where looks like their mom.

Pooja says that Laila is a perfect girl for him.Is she trying to say that she was too good for the guy? 😛


  1. lol!! could never understand celebrities. I do admire Pooja Bedi for what she is but excited about her ex husband's marriage. Huh?Does that happen with real women?

  2. i think she is just trying to be the bigger person here – and also showing off herself in a golden gown to show ex-hubby what he's missing out on.. LOL 😀 😀 … so funny these people are!

  3. haha I agree with Tanveer, she cant be actually happy about it in reality for sure! But I do admire her gutsy attitude 😀 Outspoken yet chic

  4. ohhh god! that one! I just cldn't understand head nor tail of what happened at Adnan sami's place & wht she was doing there.. It was more confusing to me than quantum physics (which i have studied and found to be way simpler)

  5. u found quantum physics simple….:Owell what i understood was that Adnan wife caught puja bedi in his laps:))she said its ok when people are friends:D


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