Hot Sania Mirza marriage with Shoaib Malik and all that tamasha/Controversy.

Sorry guys for being nasty but I have to write my view point on this issue. Also, when whole country is enjoying it then I should also give my opinion on it. Isn’t?

To start with our 23 year old bomb shell, who is recognized more by the size of her love handles than her game, has brought lot of fame to Tennis in India.In a way its good for game ,at least Indians started watching the game so that they can atleast enjoy looking at her if not the game. Though now IPL has offered this service to its viewers in the form of cheer leaders but Sania mirza’s sexuality is no where comparable to foreign cheer leaders. Anyway ,Shoaib Malik is also smart ,shy and handsome and no less when compared to Sania .I am sure many Pakistani girl s must have fallen for him but our intelligent Shoaib Malik fell in love with someone else. Guess who??….Ayesha Siddiqui who made fool out of this pretty innocent boy when he was about 20.Ayesha,a fat girl who if tries to go for a sex change people will never come to know that she was a women before and that too so clever.

Shoaib is an example of a handsome man without brains. This can be proved by following points.

1. Shoaib only knows about yahoo chat where people ask about a/s/l till now when there are many software such as skype and google which have easy video facility.

2.The guy married her on PHONE!!!. Can you believe that?????????.By the way I don’t know much about muslim marriages but I think they need at least 1 person from both side when nikah is taking place.

3. Shoaib Malik declared in whole of media that he will not leave India till his name is cleared out but after 2 days signed the divorce paper. Wow!! He proved himself that he was guilty.

4.Shoaib is telling media that he treated Ayesha (who he said used to meet him as maha ,Ayesha elder sis) as sister made thing more worse when Ayesha pulled out a Lewinsky Hand(Remember bill gates controversy??) .Ayesha handed over semen stained clothes to the police as the evidence of the consummation of her marital life with Shoaib..OMGGGGGGG!!! She kept that cloth with her…eewwwww!!!If Shohaib is to be believed that he didn’t meet Ayesha and still he was sleeping with her sister…:O OMG !!!!It means if lover is not there then you can try her sister:O

Well guys I have many more points to prove his intelligence but let’s come to our desi girl Sania Mirza.She is supporting Shoaib and I admire this quality of hers. Indian women have been doing this since ages and recently this support was given to Shiney Ahuja by his wife who was proven guilty of raping her maid.

Albeit ,I am not happy that Sania is marrying Shoaib as I seriously believe that there are many good looking men in India too but I like this that Pakistan is welcoming her decision and Sania will be loved by two countries .Though both will settle down comfortably in a third country which is Dubai.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if Sania’s previous fiancee comes back into the scene and claims the same against Sania…What say?

I believe that Shoaib was duped but the way he was duped I guess he is the biggest fool around. I wish Sania loads of luck as she needs it badly.



  1. Good Article.. :DFrankly I don't think Shoaib was duped at all by this Ayesha babe. I think he did marry her, in his full senses, and then tried to bully her into silence through media denials and rude comments on her appearance. So what if she is chubby, that is no way to treat her, she is after all his legally wedded wife. A man who talks like about his wife – so derogatorily, in public, has no sympathy or respect from me. He didn't seem to find her ugly when he slept with her, why the sudden repulsion? When she began to submit proofs (as gross as they might be) he just quietly backed out and settled for a out of court divorce and settlement. I have never seen people who are truthful backing out like this with their tails between their legs. & as far as Sania's decision is concerned, well, what can I say, it is her personal prerogative if she chooses to marry a man who had an affair with her while being married all along. She too it seems had an affair with him for the last 6 mnths while being engaged to someone else. Like attracts like i guess. Sorry for the v. long comment 😛

  2. Tanveer I completely agree with you but this girl Ayesha was equally wrong.Which women keeps her man stained clothes.There was some thing fishy and that is why she resorted to this tactics.and more of all she never came out in public saying that she is in depression.A depressive girl doesn't give 1 hour telephonic interview.but Shoaib proves himself guilty i think its Sania who is wrong .How can she marry a man like him?Well to each one's own:D

  3. i just dont understand why we are getting so much worked up with their affairsit is their lifelet them handle itwill any one come to help us or talk about us when we are in need


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