How to get rid of holi colors

Holi is a festival of colors which is played with lot of love and enthusiasm in India. People from different corner of the world come to India to enjoy the festival. Life without color is dull and mundane. Colors are part of universe, our planet and thus all of us. In fact colors have been used by healers since centuries. For example, If you wear yellow color it helps in improving memory. If you study by writing on a yellow note pad you will learn faster.

As our ancestors knew about the effects of these colors they tried bringing these colors in holi festivals as well. Colors were made from rose petals and tesu ke phool. Nowadays holi colors are made from potassium bicarbonate. Instead of flowers artificial colors are used to make gulal.

Holi colors can be really harmful on skin and hair some time. Skin may have rashes and spots because of the color. Also ,hair loss and dry hair is one of the problem which is generally scene due to these colors.

If you pay attention to certain things before as well as after holi then it can be enjoyable and safe for you.

1.Apply olive oil on your face ,hair and whole body before playing holi. All colors will be removed easily after applying oil.

2.After washing of color from body your skin gets dehydrated and dull.Use cleanser which has aloevera and lemon into it.This will help in removing all the spots from the skin which has developed due to the colors.It also prevents the skin from further damaging.

3. To remove oil paint from your face or any color which is difficult to wash off then using Coconut or mustard oil can be helpful. Soak cotton in oil , gently apply it on your skin and slowly rinse with the help of both hands.

4. Cleansing milk can also be used to remove colors.

5.Take 2 spoon of besan(gram flour) with pinch of haldi(turmeric powder)and 1 tsp mustard oil .Make a paste of it and apply it on whole body. Gently rinse and wash it off with water.

6. Never wash off gulal with water first. By washing it with water it spreads and stick more to the body. Try to remove it by dry hand first and then wash it off with water.

7.If you feel itchy then mix gulab jal with glycerin and apply it on your face.Wash it off with hot water.

8.Apply nail polish to your nails so that nails doesn’t get colored.

9.Apply Vaseline if you don’t feel comfortable with oil before playing with colors.

10.Apply moisturizer immediately after bath.

11.Apply soaked amchur powder.This helps in getting rid of color.

12.Take 1cup curd and mix 1tsp lemon juice in it. Apply it on your hair and rinse the scalp.wash it off with a herbal shampoo. This will remove away all the dirt from your hair.

13.Add 1tsp white vinegar in water and wash your hair with it. Next day take 2tsp fenugreek seeds, 3 cup water ,amla powder and shikakai powder and boil it. Wash your hair with this mixture and apply henna pack afterward.

14.Take 1 egg and squeeze half lemon into it. Apply this on scalp and wash it off after an hour.

15 Do not wash your face again and again this will make your face dry.


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