How Bollywood Reacted To Salman Khan’s Conviction



How Bollywood Reacted To Salman Khan’s Conviction

Salman Khan’s fans across the country raised an outcry as soon as the judgement was passed. The celebrities from the film fraternity immediately showered him with all their supports expressing shock over his conviction.

Lets go through some of the tweets of our “beloved” Bollywood celebrities.

Sonakshi Sinha ‏@sonakshisinha


Sonakshi Sinha ‏stands by slaman kahn


Starting with the lady who owes her success in the industry to Salman Khan. She tweeted and even headed to meet him.
“Terrible news. Dnt knw wht to say except tht will stand by @BeingSalmanKhan no matter what. He is a good man and no 1 can tk tht away frm him.”

Alia Bhatt @aliaa08


Alia bhat reactions to slaman conviction


Our sweet cute bubbly Bollywood diva showed her support too as she tweeted,

“It hurts when your own are punished, even if they are in the wrong. We love you and are standing by you…”

Varun SURESH Dhawan @Varun_dvn


varun dhawan shocked on salman conviction


I guess he got way too emotional.

“Sometimes your personally attached to a person so reactions are emmotional he is family for me #IStandWithSalmanKhan

My prayers are with @BeingSalmanKhan and his family who I know love this country and respect its judiciary.

I won’t comment on the courts judgement. But salman Bhai has the biggest heart and is the most helpful person in this industry.”

Arjun Kapoor @arjunk26


arjunkapoor supports salman after courts verdict


The charming gunda of Bollywood is no doubt a Salman fan and he has said that openly before as well.

“Cant wrap my head around what’s happening, scary how fickle life is, hope n pray he emerges stronger like he has in the past @BeingSalmanKhan

It doesn’t matter what anyone or any court says he doesn’t deserve this at any level…will stand by @BeingSalmanKhan no matter what.”

Abhijeet @abhijeetsinger


Abhijeet shocking reaction to court verdict


I don’t even feel like writing what he tweeted. So here is the snapshot.

Farah Khan @farahkhanali


farahkhan supports salman


Here comes another gem from the industry. What brains..!!

Bipasha Basu @bipsluvurself


bipasha stands by slaman


Bong beauty, true..But that cannot shield him from what wrong he did.

“@BeingSalmanKhan is a man who always helped the under privileged. A man who has done so much humanitarian works.”

Priety Zinta


prietyzinta tweets about salman conviction


Preity also wrote, “Shattered after hearing the verdict. Hope the court sees @BeingSalmanKhan has helped & saved hundreds of people over the years. #beinghuman”.

Raveena Tandon


Raveena sympathsizes victims supports salman


Okay…!! I am not understanding the fact that why should a common man pay the victim and his family for a crime a rich, privileged celebrity has committed? What logic is that? Salman needs to be forgiven because he is rich enough to have compensated the family? A life was lost, nothing can compensate that. Just ridiculous.

Soha Ali Khan


Soha Ali Khan prays for strength


She showed sympathy to the victim and his family, but also stands by Salman Khan. Wow..!

I don’t know what is wrong with these Bollywood people…Ohh sorry. They are celebrities and nothing can be wrong with them.

Share your thoughts about Salman Khan’s conviction?

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