How breakfast helps in increasing metabolism

Fasting is quite popular in India and all of us must have fasted at least once or twice in their life. In some cases it may be before surgery or before a specific blood test if not for God.

The most common fast which we do on daily basis is when we sleep during which we fast for 5 to 10 hours atleaste. But many of us due to our busy life style start our day with a cup of coffee or tea alone and skip the breakfast all together.
Drinking tea or coffee early in the morning and skipping the effects our metabolism.It is the breakfast which kick starts our metabolism.Can a car run without fuel ? No it can not .Similarly our metabolism too can not run without breakfast.
Breakfast basically starts the process which is needed to digest our food properly.It is not necessary to have large breakfast. Even an apple will work or if time allows then once can have fresh fruit salad.
You can take your daily supplements in your breakfast.A powdered supplement can be mixed with a bowl of cereal and milk or can be mixed with the juice.But do not take excess of fatty food or processed food in your breakfast .Whole grain cereal with soya milk or skimmed milk is good.
Breakfast”Breaking the fast “ is important and is the most important meal of your day so do not skip it the way you never think of skipping your dinner 🙂

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  1. Very informative post…Its real, we never skip breakfast. And nutritious breakfast is very healthy n helps to stay slim n fit. Thanks for sharing dear

  2. All my life I have skipped my breakfast fast and this is only 2-3 years that I have realized what wrong I was doing..I am glad u know it:)

  3. hey me i don't have a great figure..i have fat in all the wrong is just that my husband manages to take good pictures :)so today was day one of breakfast..felt good..i am thinking that i should cut down my dinner too, which is usually heavy and focus on breakfast instead 🙂


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