How Can Tea Make You Beautiful


How Can Tea Make You Beautiful

Tea has its own benefits and it is something we require daily in the morning. If I talk about myself, I am a total tea buff. My day starts with a green tea and ends with a black tea. During winters, alike everyone I also love sipping on Ginger tea! Wow, I am craving for it right now. But does drinking tea make us beautiful? No, not at all! Tea can contribute to beauty in its own natural way and the results are actually scientifically proven to be true and authentic. Interested to know? Read on!

It is a known fact that the cosmetic companies use tea as an ingredient to their products. Let’s see how we can use it at home to work on our skin and beautify it.

 tea benefits

For those Puffy Eyes!

I am sure you are one of us! I mean puffy eyes are most common these days given the lack of sleep and stressful lives we lead. Office pressure, contingencies, anxieties all keep us away from our sacs and result is the pit bags beneath our eyes. Not anymore as now you know that tea bags can act as the best solution to it. All you need is to dip those tea bags in water, squeeze water out of them and put them in the freezer of your refrigerator.  Now put them on your eyes for 10-15 minutes and better go for a power nap during the time. Believe me this would relax you more than a spa massage or any other beauty treatment that you might think of in search of solace. You can do that every alternate day as well. What I do is to use the tea bags I make my green tea with and until my I sip on my tea, I leave the tea bag on my eyes.


For shiny hair!

Have you ever wondered or longed for that shiny hair like these models in commercials have! I am sure you have. Now you can also have them and that too with the help of tea! You don’t believe it right! Try it and then you will also believe. Just make some tea sans milk and keep it in the refrigerator to be cold. Now wash your hair as usual using your shampoo and after shampoo rinse your hair with this tea. Do not rinse further with clean water. This will protect your hair from dust and pollution and also impart shine like you see in the TV commercials.

For that soft skin!

You can prepare a mixture of honey and tea leaves and use as an exfoliation scrub on your skin for 10-15 minutes. This would give you a softer cleaner skin. Do moisturize after you rinse it off.

honey for soft skin

For relaxation!

Everyone has a dire need to relax after a hard day and we all love to have a hot shower. If you really want to have a true relaxing bath, drop a few tea bags or some tea leaves into your bathing water and then have a good bath for 10-15 minutes. You will feel as if you are having some aroma therapy. You can use green tea, lavender tea or any other fragrant tea for this.

aroma therapy

I hope you like the purpose tea can solve apart from kicking you off with energy every morning. Try these hacks and let us know how you felt.

Have you tried tea for beauty?

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