How Do Models Keep Their Skin Always Look So Clear?


How Do Models Keep Their Skin Always Look So Clear?

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How is the chilly winter treating you all? Its literally freezing in my city and I really find it hard to get up from bed & leave the warm cozy blanket! 😉

Well, scrolling through the pages of my Instagram feed it often strikes to me as to what the models do to keep their skin so crystal clear as if porcelain! Well, sometimes I thought may be they eat so clean that’s what shows on their ultra clear face!

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Well, there is not secret formula but only few basic steps which they do follow strictly because unlike us, they get opportunities on their face value and they cannot afford to ignore the beauty routine at all.

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Lets see what steps they follow for getting the desired clear skin!

Using a Deep Cleanser

Since models have to shoot for long hours in heavy makeup for fashion shows, advertisements their skin needs deep cleansing once they are done for the day. As the skin needs to breath naturally to look glowing & remain healthy, this basic step is a must do for all the models.

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Choosing a gentle cleanser which doesn’t strip off the layer of skin is also essential. Along with deeply removing every trace of makeup & dirt it is also important that it is capable of removing dead skin cells from the skin to give a more glossy looking clear skin.

Choose a product which has citrus fruit extracts to sooth problematic skin & also boost the skin rejuvenation process. It purifies the skin intensively which clearly improves the health of the skin.

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Seed oils particularly olive oil, rose hip oil, grape fruit oil are really great for de-pigmentation & improves scarring of the skin which also helps in making the skin blemish free & clearer skin. These products remove any residue left due to excess makeup.

Avoid Damage due to Sun

Sunrays are one of the major cause of skin problems which many people do not understand. Preventing sun damage is very easy & should never be skipped at all even when you are on a vacation.

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Clean Eating

Food which is simple to digest results in greater metabolism which eventually shows on the skin. Whatever you eat shows up on the face the next day. Try including fruits & fresh veggies in your daily diet and see how you too can get skin like models with simple tweaks in your daily diet.

Remove Eye Makeup With Essential Oil

Usually there are so many of us who remove eye makeup in a hurry with a remover wipe which is not good & tends to tug the delicate skin around the eyes where visible signs of aging & skin problems start appearing the earliest!

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Always take a gentle light weight oil like olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil to remove your heavy eye makeup in a jiffy!

Always stick to Skincare Regime

Never ditch your face care routine if you wish to have the same skin as supermodels.

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Whether you are working or on a holiday stick to the cleansing toning & moisturizing routine at any cost because yes it takes a little effort for the envious skin you see in advertisements.

Rely mainly on Liquid Diet

Models mainly rely on liquid diet which makes them feel light & keeps their metabolic activities on track which is great for the skin! If you too wish to get a skin like them, include more liquids, smoothies, juices, fruit extracts, soups & reduce the whole food intake! 🙂

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I hope you find these tips useful & put these into practice to get crystal clear skin just as models!

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