How Does Smoking Increase Aging


How Does Smoking Increase Aging

The title is good enough to deter skin-conscious women from smoking the nicotine-stick. Once you get into the habit of smoking it throws you in a downward spiral. Most of the time smokers don’t realize the ill-effects of smoking and when they do realize, it becomes too late. Smoking causes irreversible damage to body. It affects the appearance of a person badly and we are all aware of the many health problems it may cause.

Smoking causes cancer, restlessness and even affects those around you. Cigarette also leads to premature aging by causing biochemical changes in the body.

Here’s how smoking ages you

how smoking ages you

Smoking Causes Early Wrinkles

Smoking ages skin though you may not notice it early. More smoking means premature wrinkles. Nicotine in tobacco narrows down the blood vessels and so less blood flows towards skin. It means that oxygen and other nutrients do not reach skin in required amounts. Tobacco also destroys elastin and collagen.

Smokers are at increased risk of getting Werner’s Syndrome where a person ages prematurely. It happens because smoking depletes levels of Werner’s protein in the cells which is responsible for cell division and DNA repair.

Smoking Causes Under Eye Bags

This effect is clearly visible under the eyes of smokers. They get puffy under eye bags.

Smoking Causes Fine Lines

Fine lines in every area of face result due to smoking. These are more visible in the lower part of the face like the area around the lips. Lips are pursed for long periods during smoking and it causes lines around mouth. Smokers also get lines between nose and mouth.

Smoking Causes Loose Skin

Smoking not only causes wrinkles on face but it also makes the skin all over body go loose. Wrinkled hands and sagging breasts can result within ten years of smoking.

reasons to quit smoking

Smoking Causes Uneven Skin Tone

Smoking deprives skin of nutrients and oxygen, as a result smokers appear pale. Many smokers develop uneven skin tone at a very young age. Smokers are more susceptible to age spots.

Smoking Causes Teeth damage

Smoking stains teeth due to the presence of nicotine and tar in tobacco. This results in yellowing of teeth which turn brown over a period of time. Smoking increases the chances of dental plaque and also reduces blood flow in gums. Smokers have high chances of gum diseases which eventually result in teeth loss. Bad breath is also caused by smoking. Smoking is also a big cause behind mouth cancer.

Smoking Causes Hair Loss

Heavy hair fall can add years to anyone’s face and smoking is one of the causes behind hair loss. Smokers, both men and women are at high risk of losing hair at an early age.

Smoking Causes Eye problems

Cataract impairs vision to a great extent. Smokers are at high risk of getting cataract and only surgery can rid them of the disease.

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