How Gratitude Changed My Life!


How Gratitude Changed My Life!

We all want to be happy and live a life full of abundance but even if you have everything then also you might not be a very happy person inside although the world might think you are. On the other hand, there might a person who barely earns and  hardly gets to travel the world but still can be very happy. I think I have realized this very late in life but considering I am in my early 30’s, its not that late too. I still have years and years ahead of me to practice and follow GRATITUDE.

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Most of us think that being grateful is just one of a thing which kids do like Thanking God for the food we eat. It is just that many of us don’t understand what gratitude really does for all of us.

How To Feel Gratitude?

Practicing and expressing gratitude immediately shifts our energy and with a source of supply, so that the good in everything move towards us. If you don’t believe in this then try practicing it. Every morning when you get up, thank God for ten good things in your life. Starting from being alive, sleeping next to the person who you love, having a bright sunny day.

I am sure its not that difficult to find 10 things and if it is difficult for you, then surely start to search for it. Being alive is a biggest blessing indeed. If you are not a morning person then before going to bed at night express your gratitude. You can also express gratitude when you are overwhelmed with problems.

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Gratitude makes us shift our positive energy. Its so sad that we have not been taught this when we were young. All we were taught was to score numbers and make a living.

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If one has challenges in their life it overpowers our thinking. If you have shortage of money, any business or a relationship problem, the tendency to focus on the problem itself adds more negative energy to it.

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So if you are in trouble or are not feeling happy, just stop doing whatever you are doing. Just go for walk or do anything which relaxes you a bit and think of all the things which you are grateful for. I know its not easy but when you start practicing it, it some how starts happening.

For example! I stopped eating burgers two years ago although I really liked them but now I never want to eat them. Somehow what you practice gets into your mind one day.

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