How Helpful Is Rose Water For Eyes?


How Helpful Is Rose Water For Eyes?

Hello my rosy cheeked babes!

Here I am back with me and my incessant fascination with roses, and everything rose! And if I claim to be overtly obsessed with rose, I am sure many of you here would be guilty of sharing the same obsession! And why not? Roses are one of those beautiful gifts of Mother Nature which have the ability to say so much with so less words! Being a literature student, I can go on for hours bragging about roses and their vitality in a human life, but my aim today is not that!

Homemade rose water

I am here to share with you gorgeous people the ways in which we can use rose water (gulaab jal) for our cutely adorable peepers which we stress upon so much! Our eyes have to go through a lot on a daily basis and thanks to such natural things like rose water; our eyes have some scope of relaxation too!

Let us read to know more!

natural rose water

Relax, de-stress and calm your peepers down of the day’s fatigue!

Rose water and relaxation sound almost synonymous to me! I seem to get relaxed at the very mention of rose water, and when it comes to rose water for your eyes. I don’t see any reason to pass on it! Purchase some good quality cotton pad or liquid-diffusing cotton balls for all your beauty needs. But if you do not want to purchase anything, your good old cotton will do the job almost well!

Dip your cotton balls in ample rose water (yes dip, and not spray them with rosewater). Squeeze off the excess rosewater and place the dampened cotton on to your eyelids. Let it stay for a good 20 minutes, sit back, relax, and listen to some good soothing music for the best relaxation possible.

This would even help keep bacterial infections at bay as rose water has miraculous anti-bacterial and anti-septic properties to say the least! It will also reduce the inflammation of the eyes or any redness which might be there!

Say goodbye to those pesky dark circles!

Who knew dark circles could be gets done away with by using an ingredient as simple as rosewater? Stunning, and bizarre if you ask my first impression about this trick! But with weeks of following this routine, I can affirmatively say that it works slowly, but surely!

Mix equal parts of milk and pure rosewater in a small bowl! Now dip your cotton pad or ball in the prepared concoction and sweep the cotton under your eyes to clean up the skin of all the dead skin cells. Keep weeping the swab till the mixture starts getting absorbed in the skin.

You can also mix milk and rosewater in a spray bottle, shake things up a bit and spray it onto the eyelids and use circulatory motions for the mixture to get absorbed in the skin. Regular usage will show even results in just 3-4 weeks!

dark circles

Eye drops to the rescue!

Now that we have already discussed the relaxing, soothing and not to forget anti-septic properties of gulab-jal or rose water, it seems more than sensible to use rosewater as THE ultimate eye drops for any given person, at any given time. Drop in a couple of rosewater drops into your peepers and lie down in a comfortable position without attempting to open your eyes.

The rose water will rejuvenate your eyes and make them appear more fresh and sparkly. It has the potency to clear off all the miniscule dust particles which may have accumulated in your eyes during the course of the day, and which can be difficult to remove suing just plain water! A must try trick in the old beauty books!

Bring that oxidant enriched glow to your peepers!

Yes, undoubtedly rosewater is an utmost beneficiary to your peepers. But that doesn’t mean that other good things cannot be added to it in order to intensify its rosy goodness all the more! We all know about the goodness of the anti-oxidant boosted green tea, and when mixed with rose water it can do wonders for your skin.

Spray the mix of 3 parts rose water and I part cooled green tea to your peepers to instantaneously freshen them up; or use a cotton pad soaked in the concoction to soothe your eyes.

Reduce pigmentation and fine lines around and under the eyes

Okay, let’s get one thing clear! One can have pigmentation around the eyes but still not suffer from dark circles and vice-versa. So what works for someone suffering from dark circles is not necessarily bound to work for your pigmented eye area!

Use a paste of sandal-wood and rose water and apply it to your eye-area. Let it set for about 15 minutes and them wash it off with cold water. What this does is relieve your eye of all the pigmentation with frequent usage. It also helps with the fine lines or crow’s feet around your eyes!

Do you have any more ways in which we can use Rose Water for eyes?

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  1. yes you are right rose water really helps to get rid of dark circles, I used it by my self and recommend you all to use it when you are going to bed. it also help to get rid of itchy eyes as well.


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