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By Mitra,                                                                       How To Get Rid Of Pimples


Hello Beauties !!!!!                                             

I wanted to share with you all my journey from being acne ladden to clear skin !!! I know most of us at some point of life had struggled with acne. And one myth that my doctor busted is no matter how clean you keep your face acne occurs cause of internal factors.

1-Hormonal Changes


3-Lifestyle Let me bust a few myths here first :

A major major myth people have is oily food and chocolates causes acne, so rejoice folks, its just a myth. And happily after i did not feel guilty while gorging on my oily and fat ladden food. My doctor also told me that i can happily use makeup while undergoing the treatment…yuppieeee!!!!.

He cautioned me vey strivctly about sun though. It might cause photo sensitivity and cause damage during this time. Now coming to my regeimen. I underwent acne treatment at various stages of my growing up years and at various degree of acne that i suffered. I can almost rantle off the ingredients that acne medicines SHOULD have to help ones skin. Lolzz Acne treatment consists of external treatment and internal treatment. When any person goes to a doctor for acne the first medicine that a dermatologist gives is a Clindamycin based product. The one i was given is ‘ clindamycin phosphate gel usp gel’. I was suggested to use it during day time. It doesnot leave your skin oily. Gets absorbed instantly. If you see a film then you are using too much of the medicine.

Applying more gel, or applying it more often, will not make it work better or faster. Instead, it may irritate your skin. You can also top it with your regular compact and will be set for the day with a protection of THE mighty Clindamycin underneath 😀 . Use it on your entire face and not just the pimples. Along with this gel, i was given antibiotics to be taken after food. This was 3 day course.

How to get rid of pimples

The one I was prescribed was Azithromycin. My night time regime was with a peeling cream which helps in preventing scares or fade any existing scars. Remember nothing can vanish your scares, it will only reduce the intensity. If you want it to vanish then go for cosmetic surgery, thats the only way alas !! The peeling cream i used was a Retino a 0.025 % (another one was Tronin which i got after finishing Retino) .I was suggested to use it alternate nights and was told strictly to keep away from the sun while wearing this. Also when using any peeling cream one is supposed to avoid sun and use PROPER sun protection. Now one may wonder how do i use Clindamycin and then use a sunscreen on it. Well what i used to do is, i used a sunscreen when i had to go to work and after reaching office i would wash it off and apply my clindamycin and compact and continue till evening and go home after 6pm when the sun wouldnt affect my skin.


For people who stay at home its very easy for them to follow this routine. I was also given a soothing cream to calm my skin from all the medicines and also provide moisturisation. Its called Ban a Tan. Another alternate that i found when i couldnt find this in market was Niltan. Both have the same composition and work the same way.


My Regime Summary to get rid of Acne


Morning 9am – Sunscreen (on my way to work) After reaching work

After reaching work 10am – Wash with the mildest facewash avaailable (derma reco Fash) and apply Clindamycin Around 4pm wash face again and apply Ban a Tan

Reach home at 7pm and wash face with face wash and leave it so till night.

Before going to bed, wash face with water and dry skin completely then apply Retinol or Tretinoin cream


This was the treatment followed for any new acne sufferer. Since my acne attack came back in a big way very recently, my dermatologist gave me Isotretinoin to be taken internally.

Please note this medication is extremely dangerous to be taken without proper medical supervision. Some acne medication that one can get over the counter are listed below and is safe to be used.

Clindamycin phos gel Faceclin For acne scars a few safe over the counter medication are, Kojivit Clearasil Medicated Blemish Cream Kojiglo Glycolic acid 6% cream My derma also gave me a moisturizer -Sebamed which is a very effective and soothing one a little expensive though. Actually most of these CTM thingies that a derma suggests are more often than not a liiitle expensive but totally worth it.


And guys the best part about acne treatment is the Retino/Tronin that i use is also the most effective anti ageing ingredient Important points to remember when undergoing acne treatment(as suggested by my derma) : Donot use srubs during the treatment period Donot go out in sun without good sun screen on. Best is to avoid sun completely. Donot use excessive drying facewash thinking it will remove oils and make acne disappear, instead you will only produce more oil as your skin feels it is drying.

DONOT prick your pimples. Donot touch your face or cup it incase you are used to it and donot let others touch your face either. Your palm has bacteria too. Use a very mild facewash- My derma prescribed a very expensive but an effective facewash- Bioder, 1130 Rs for 200ml Donot share face towels. Change pillow covers alternate day. I just spread a clean nighty/petticoat on my pillow everyday , cause i dont have as many pillow covers.

Keep your scalp clean and dandruff free, wash it every alternate day if possible with a very mild shampoo. Before using any skin care product check if it non-comedogenic. CTM is a must everyday Donot sleep with makeup on, no matter ho tired you are PLEEEASE remove your makeup and go to bed. Last but not the least, eat healthy and sleep enough.





  1. :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* awesome mitra :-* :-* :-* :-* it will help my niece who is here with me and is bugging all the time about her pimples …
    once again thanks a lot and i owe you big :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-* :-*

    • hi Mitra thanks for the review, its very informative.
      I have 2 questions here
      1) Kojivit Clearasil Medicated Blemish Cream/ Kojiglo Glycolic acid 6% cream” what is it for? ,is it good for clearing pigmentation marks, any suggestions. where can i get it.

      2)And also can you name the exact product name for Tronin?

      thanks dear.

  2. wish i knew all this when i was struggling 🙂
    anyways.. very nice article.. m sure it will help lots of people
    :yes: :yes:

  3. mitra I love it.
    have used clindamycin before. but I usedto apply only on the affected parts. so applying whole face was something which i gained after reeading this post thank you. by the way which compact do u use after this ?
    my derma suggested me to use only revlon clean clear face wash.though me wanted to esperiment with different face wash. she aslked me to use only clean and clear or cetaphil for oily sensitive skin.

    I never had pimples in my life but only some n number of zits :reallypissed:
    i used to get it whenever I change any brand of cosmetics .
    so even me too go by looking noncomedogenic labels

    by the way kojic was prescribed to me for my under eye circles.
    very informative post

  4. Wow! Mitra what a wohnderful review…. you know u solved my one problem about clindamycin I want to use under my bridal makeup but I was not sure & I was somewhere in between YES OR NO…. u wrote that u used under your compact now I guess I can use it under my makeup too 🙂

  5. Oh and i forgot to mention..even an unclea cell phone/phone causes acne..logic is same as cupping your face … so keep your phone sanitised at all times …

  6. I have just liked this post on face book and tweeted about it so that all those who need help in acne can get benefit from it.I request every one to do so the same :-))

  7. i was waiting for u to write an article on this, cos Anamika had already declared u to be a pro in this…Hey were u using Fash facewash….

    • Thanks Rentu…yes Fash face wash. I also used Saslic DS for sometime. These are easily avalable in medical shops.

  8. Nice artical Mitra, I am also going through acne treatment..My acne are subside and frequency is also reduced..but these i am on vitamin A nad E cream to reduce my apperence of scars

    • Cool…complete the course and also check with your derma for maintenance what do you need to do, once you finish it . All the best.

  9. one of the best articles on wiseshe mitra..i myself going through a tough time wit acne :pain: ..n the scars they leave 😥 😥

    • Oh. Kojic cream must help help you. Incase you donot see much diference in a month, please visit a dermatologist. Those guys are God sent :blush:

  10. my bout of acne was over after a 15 day course of azithromycin gel and pills , one thing to keep in mind is after the duration of treatment is over meds should be used sporadically rather CTM should be done religiously bz over use of meds can make acne bacteria resistant , So best use docs meds as treatment for preventive measures keep your skin clean and well protected.

    nice article Mitra 🙂

  11. :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: welly welly good Mitra :-* :-* we girls are only aware of the pimple clearing creams which gives advertisement but they hardly work 😛 medicated creams like which u use are more effective against acne/pimples i beleive :yes: :yes: this was an very imp post 😀

    • YES YES This is going to be one of my fav post of wise she..did u share it on FB prerana if not then please do 🙂

  12. Sweetie the very existence of Wiseshe is YOU…let me get some limelight for sometime..i cant get that with those eye makeup you i will only tell what my doc tells me…me no creative…

    Nahi..i dint get mine…maybe i’l get it today..

  13. i just came back frm derma 😥 he ha given d same meds n ointment u have used..hopefully it works for me :-)) i want my flawless skin back 😥 😥 😥

  14. Hey.. I used the same trtmnt and it worked well.. Really great.. And for my skin clindamycin didnt work so i used benzoyl paroxide 2.5% and the rest is same.. The most effective cream was that Ban a tan which reduced my pigmentation well.. As it worked on my tough oily skin it will definitly work on other guy’s.. !! Awsm post!!

  15. hello!

    i am surprised that ur derma asked u to use ban a tan or niltan as soothing creams.
    i was precribed niltan as skin-lightening cream.
    in fact, i cant use it everywhere..just on the post-acne hyperpigmentations(spot and marks) since it tends to cause whiteheads for me.

    melagard(as we saw in ur picture) was prescribed to me as well.

    as for clindamycin phosphate gel..both faceclin and clingard are well known brands.

    also,i was wandering if saslic foaming face wash would be a good choice?(since a peel cream isnt prescribed to me).
    i’ve heard(read actually!) that salicylic acid leaves spots after the active acnes are healed.
    is it true??

  16. hey..i alwayz refer to dis website before buyin ne cosmo product or doin home remedies..i hav a quiry..i never had pimple prone skin..suddenly,since last yr i hav started gettin clusters of small pimples on my forehead which spred thru out n den big fat pus filled pimples on my NOSE n cheeks..i had d best skin altho wheatish in complexion but it used to glow n everybody complimented i am 25 n single,i thot dese r age related changes..gettin dark circles too..can any body tell me what cream i can apply directly ON the pimple t0 fizz it out in a day or two..?iv been to a dermo,taken expensive oints n creams,,tried goin herbal s well..nuthin seems to be workin for me..i jus need a spot on pimple cream and fairness cream..HELP


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