How I Handled Weight & Skin Problems Caused By Stress



How I Handled Weight & Skin Problems Caused By Stress

I guess everyone knows now that I was preggers and that’s why I was missing from the blog .

But , was pregnancy the reason for my absence? NO. I was missing simply because I had the worse skin during pregnancy with acne like teenager.

Initially,I broke out due to some hormonal tablets – but the acne stayed with me all through ! I was stressed from the 20 th week of pregnancy as I was very prone to developing pre eclampsia – which is a life threatening issue . Inevitably I would get a fresh breakout after each doctors appointment as my blood pressure was going upwards – especially in the last two months. So , I never saw a pregnancy glow !! It has taken me a lot of courage to post this pic online – so be nice πŸ˜›

This pic was taken when I was 18 weeks preg .


pregnancy skin care problems


Why am I talking about this on a beauty blog?

Coz today when I have stopped stressing about the state of my skin – it cleared up!!!

I tried every remedy which was pregnancy safe. Nothing worked . When a remedy would fail , I would get even more stressed as at that time I thought I am gonna be spotty for life . Dramatic – yes I know , but that’s exactly how I felt at that time .

Instead of enjoying my pregnancy , I was worried about my skin. I never had a major acne problem – just a couple of zits here and there – but here in pregnancy I was dealing with a breakout that would put a teenager to shame !

There were times when my skin would clear up – but that was temporary and then I would have a fresh breakout ! So , you can imagine my plight.

But in hindsight my emergency C section put some things in perspective – I almost died as my BP was dangerously high in the Operation theatre -185/110 – and when I delivered a heathy baby boy – I realised that life is more than acne and weight issues- another problem I battled in pregnancy as I gained 24 Kilos due to water retention.

After this realisation – I actually stopped thinking so much about my skin – and Ofcourse I preferred sleep over skincare as I batting pains post delivery and also fatigue plus was taking Some heavy medication To keep my BP in check – which was totally pregnancy induced . I am all clear now .

What happened next ? With the hormones settling down – my skin began to clear up. First – the new breakouts stopped .Then slowly – the marks began to fade . Also – since I wasn’t focussing too much on skin care – I did not overload my skin with products and gave it a chance to breathe .

With regards to weight – more you stress about ,the more difficult it is to stay motivated. If you do not get quick results you are more prone to giving up if you worry about the scale not showing a lower number . With the hectic life and a flurry of activity that a new baby brings – I lost 16 kilos in three months – I still have a few more kilos to go , but I am working towards it rather than complain about it.

My skin now:


skin care and stress

stress and skin issues


Stress increases the amount of cortisol in your body which leads to skin and weight issues. Coming back from the brink of death made me realize that stress doesn’t get you anywhere .It makes more sense to let go at times and let nature take its course .

Be happy and try not to worry too much about skin and weight issue which are entirely reversible and in your hands – but go on and do something about it.

Have you faced serious skin problems?How did you handle?

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  1. Great courage to post the pic with acne.. Hats off lady !!!
    I am facing the same issue, though not the same reason. I am getting married in December. I never had any acne problem ever and from the past few months, my skin is kinda revolting. I had small puss-filled pimples all over my cheeks. One would clear, and get replaced by others. I tries a lot of products but nothing changed. Yesterday, I used Baba Ramdev’s Sundari Lep and to my horror, I had a severe allergy. My whole face turned red and it looked as if the pimples under the skin were ready to come up. I immediately consulted my fiance’s uncle who’s a doctor. I took the medicine and the face was normal in the morning.
    After all these horrifying experiences, I have learnt that I should better stop worrying about my face, it will look as it has to, my stress will only make things worse. I keep looking at the mirror to check if the pimples are going/new ones are coming and this activity gives me stress. I will stop looking at the mirror so often and just relax. Perhaps that’s the best I can do.

    • Stop stressing – yes – but also do somethjng about ur acne – go to a dermo and get treated -its ur special day and u deserve to look your best!

  2. I admire your courage and i told you yesterday also that i am really proud how you have taken up mommiehood.

    You remember when you said that Bo is so lucky she has nice skin what else she needs and i was like babes what r u saying πŸ˜›

    Now i realize that was the stress which was talking…I am glad you are out of it and oh Gosh! you look million dollar ..

    • Haha! Yes! But u have seen me from day one n things never gt better till vikram came along! But now i feel – tht i was stressing too much –

  3. Takes one most impt instant like this t put life in2 perspective na? Havin such a close brush wod a complicated situation in a way helps us prioritize..m glad u dont whine abt it n have worked towards a better lifestyle…i know so many who simple crib all d time bt do sooo gona send this post link to all f them..

    • Yep almost dying put things into perspective :p
      But yes i believe that we r wasting time whining. – its better to do something instead- n do fwd to the link to ur freinds:p

  4. Really commendable efforts Shweta! It is really an inspiring post for me as I am currently struggling with a similar hormonal issue and had said similar things about how others were luck y to have good skin!
    Well, my post is still due as I am recovering quickly..all thanks to Anamika & Tarun! will share later! πŸ™‚

    I can’t imagine how you managed put so much strength all this while along with a complicated pregnancy! but glad you came out with flying colors!

    You look adorable lady! :-* :-*

    • In pregnancy – ana ,zee and BO were my punching bags – after every docs appt i would b like shit im gonna die etc etc ! Plus the state of my skin added to my woes ! My BP never went below 140/90 in the last two months n i rem ana ,zee telling me be careful, relax – u have come so far !

  5. You look damn amazing now ! N it takes courage to accept and in ur first pic too u look damn cutie! Seriously this is something really inspiring, I lose weight really fast, but i get stressed due to many issues n i gain up weight much faster even after eating healthy and all. gorgeous you are πŸ™‚

    • Taps – i was a flight attendant- always used to perfect skin n a good body! Imagine my plight when u gained weight n broke out lilke crazy!my cofidence nosedived and i was convinced my hubby will b put off- he always told me otherwise – but i was like no i hate myself ‘

  6. stress is really damaging thing to our body, here in U.S getting working visa is first difficulty which caused me lot of stress, main stress started once i got visa, finding job, the stress at this time tortured me, still i didn’t find job, and i am still facing stress, and my weight increased by 12 kgs with lot of health issues, doctors performed all the test( ultrasound, endoscopy, ct scan etc), but i still don’t know whats wrong with me, even my doctor don’t know, though i am suffering from h.pylori infection, it is small thing,but 2 days back doctor finally said, i don’t have any health issues only thing causing problems to me is stress, once ur out of stress u vl b normal, i hope the day come soon. seriously ur inspiring me, i should learn from u

  7. Sravanthi- stress is unavoidable – we all have our stress triggers! I kno how life is in the usa- housework as well as job will stress even the best of us! Anyway its best to find ur de- stress factor and stick to it – be it a hot bath – workout, or even shopping :d-even with a baby im hell bent on having some time for myself ! Thts what keeps me going

    • ya shopping makes me happy, most of my shopping is online, i feel so happy when i receive package, but i do go out sometime, which is very relaxing, so when ur posting ur baby pic?

  8. Swetha..i really needed something like this right now πŸ™‚ thanks for posting ! And yes I must say you look fabulous and you are a very courageous lady.. be happy πŸ˜€

  9. Thanks mitra- i felt i needed to share this- almost dying puts a lot of things in perpsepctive. The day after my baby was born- the nurse told my mom- aapki beti bach gAyi. – a lil late n it was her or the baby – one of us wud go

  10. Thanx for all the love guys- and by the way this post is dedicated to ana zee n avanti- they r tje ones who beared the brunt of my whining

  11. U r a brave woman Shweta.. N trust me dese superficial changes in skin do not matter in life.. Been dere done it all n realized life will go on – wid or widout stress.. Its better to enjoy it rather than just getting through it πŸ™‚
    God bless u n ur lil angel πŸ™‚

  12. Hi shweta….
    great article….
    but I want to know how u managed to lose 16 kgs in 3 months. I just managed 5 kgs in 3 months. And now I am feeling demotivated again n really stressed out..


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