How I lost weight and weight loss tips

By Prathima Rao

We have read so many weight loss tips  but doubt whether they actually work. I did not believe them too until my sister lost 10 kgs in 4 months! And it was all on her own. That was some 4 years ago & she still has been able to control her weight without being over-obsessed on what she is eating every time. She does maintain a healthy diet but indulges occasionally.
Her experience gave me the motivation it has definitely worked for me too. I lost 5 kgs through regular fitness walk & a balanced diet.
Here are 13 weight loss tips which worked
1. Water – First & foremost, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water everyday. Drink a glass of water in the morning on an empty stomach. Water helps to burn the calories, digest fat & detoxify the system.
2. Junk food and aerated drinks – We have heard this one many times but thought would mention it anyway. Stay away from aerated/carbonated drinks, junk food, khoa. They load your body with unwanted empty calories. Also watch out for ‘added’ sugar in the form of cookies, packaged drinks, cakes etc.
3. Small meals – There is still doubt over the low fat products/substitutes available in the market. They after all contain artificial ingredients which can harm our system. Using sugar substitutes will only make you overeat desserts etc thinking they are completely fat-free. This infact will increase your calories intake. Instead whenever you have to, eat your favourite sweet in smaller quantities. Then you simply burn off the calories later.
4. Baking – Opt for baking instead of deep-frying. Deep fried potatoes esp are very high in calories & lose their nutritive value.
5. Heavy meals – Avoid eating heavy meals of potatoes, red meat, legumes, pastries, deep fried after 6 PM. The body digests food slowly after late evening.
6. Eating in front of television – As much as possible avoid having dinner in front of the television. You will not be conscious of how much you eat & will end up overeating.
7. Eat slowly – You do not have to eat till you feel stuffed. It will only lead to belly fat. The brain takes 20 mins to realise your tummy is full. So eat till stomach is three-fourth full. So eat slowly & chew well.
8. Green tea for weight loss – Switch to green tea. A cup of green tea consumed every morning with breakfast will promote weight loss. I know it does not taste so good but you will get accustomed to it in a few days.
9. Skipping meals and breakfast – Never skip meals, esp breakfast. When the body does not get the required amount of calories, it stores what little it gets in the form of fat. So you can actually gain weight instead of losing if you skip your meals.
10.Metabolism -  Also eating in very small quantities will slow down your metabolism. You may feel you are losing weight when actually it is apparent from your skin that you are not getting the required nutrients.
Big meals on the other hand can lead to energy overload & food that is not metabolised gets deposited as fat. So eating small, frequent meals will keep you energised the whole day.
9. Brown rice and vegetables – Have your daily dose of vegetables & fruits without fail. Replace white rice with brown rice. Include fresh fruits or fresh fruit juices for breakfast. Consume salads & homemade soups but they cannot replace your main course.
10. Replacing pizza with brown bread -  Think of food substitutes. Opt for whole wheat pizza base, brown bread. Instead of sweets & candies, have honey coated peanuts, raisins, fresh fruits with low fat yogurt, nuts.
11. Starving – Eat only when hungry but never starve. This can lead to other health problems like acidity. And differentiate between hunger & craving!
 12. Home made food – As much as possible eat home-cooked food. Before attending a dinner party you could have few fruits or yogurt so that you will not have to eat much later on.
13. Consume more negative calorie foods. They are foods which burn more calories to digest than the amount of calories in them. They include cabbage, apples, lettuce, cucumber etc. I used to have an apple a day & did actually notice the difference in my weight!


  1. i just stumbled upon ur blog tdy.. found it very informative..i still have to read a lot..keep on adding more infos..all the best

  2. Its kind of Mawa , a sweet made out of solidified, sweetened milk and cottage cheese! Easily available in sweet shops,Its actually spelt Kalakand! Its very good coz it has Anjeer( Figs) in it! Kapil ji will like it for sure!:)

  3. Hi Uzma..

    Me replied back to you 🙂

    Couldn't do any post as I went to meet few of my relatives and then came back tired and slept whole day.

    How was your day ?

  4. Its kind of Mawa , a sweet made out of solidified, sweetened milk and cottage cheese! Easily available in sweet shops,Its actually spelt Kalakand! Its very good coz it has Anjeer( Figs) in it! Kapil ji will like it for sure!:)

  5. nice article 😉
    an apple a day keeps the doc away! 😀 😀 😀
    m following these tips 🙁
    but still.. mere liye ye kaam itna asaan nai hone wala 😛


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