How I Lost Weight Without Exercising & By Following One Simple Tip | PCOD


How I Lost Weight Without Exercising & By Following One Simple Tip | PCOD

Hello Everyone! The week started well and I am here with my latest post on How I Lost Weight Without Exercising & By Following One Simple Tip and that was to skip my dinner. When the year started, I made a resolution that i will eat my dinner before 6 pm no matter what and will not eat anything after that. Experts have always suggested to keep the dinner portion lowest for the day and also to keep it light and easy to digest because we tend to be less physically active which makes it difficult to digest heavy dinner!

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So, all this while I was not doing any exercise because I relied mainly on the diet part to keep my calories in control first and then proceed with it. So this Intermittent Fasting technique helped me a lot in losing few inches from my tummy area. It also made my face look lean which I started noticing in 3-4 months time so that kept me going. At times I used to skip the fasting and would eat whatever I wanted but I surely kept it to just one time affair. The next day I would be back on track! 🙂

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Intermittent Fasting

There is a popular saying that you lose 70% of your weight in the kitchen which means the diet plays a key role in getting you your ideal body weight.

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Although I have sometimes gone off track with my dinner resolution but that is okay because we are only Human and it is okay to have a little cheat meals and not deprive yourself with everything you like but make sure to not make it a habit and try to get back on your diet the very next day!

My mantra behind this journey was to gain my ideal body weight without stressing myself too much and also make sure I cut off the unhealthy food habits from my routine for better metabolism and healthy well being to be able to develop a habit of clean eating. Whether I am traveling or out on a weekend, i always try to make healthy food choices. Some days I don’t feel like continuing with Intermittent Fasting and so I don’t make a big fuss about it and eating whatever suits my liking on that particular day!

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No Exercise Just Diet

Since I have PCOD, It happens that my hormones keep fluctuating sometimes and I end up messing my routine but then it is a part of life and we need to overcome few things in order to be healthy because no matter where you reach in life and however successful you become, you got to be healthy to be able to enjoy all of that.

So far this type of diet change has only helped me. My clothes look better and I don’t feel conscious in wearing figure hugging outfits. This diet change has certainly worked for me and although I have still not attained my ideal weight, I seek to go on with this with full devour to achieve better results.

I will tell you many other things about Intermittent Fasting in my next video ad what else you can do in your daily life to help you getting rid of some extra pounds you have put on without stressing yourself too much!

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Checkout the video below where I have talked briefly about How I Lost Weight Without Exercising & By Following One Simple Tip!


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