How I Rescued My Hair With -RichFeel Trichology Hair Care Treatment


RichFeel Trichology Hair Care Treatment

Hola Beauties,

How are you doing? Today I am here to share my experience with Richfeel Trichology Hair Care Treatment.

richfeel trichology hair care regime

Long back in February ,I was facing serious post illness hair fall issue :(. I was so sacred as I was loosing handful of tresses every time I comb my hair. Initially I have tried so many famous oil and shampoo and home made hair packs, but nothing of them worked for me. Then one day one of my friend who had the same hair fall issue, suggested me to go RichFeel Trichology Center. So without wasting a minute I have booked my appointment there.

First of all they have checked my scalp, then they suggested their Jaborandi hair care regime. This regime consists of 4 products in total. All of these consist of natural ingredients. The key ingredients being Jaborandi, Amla, Shikakai.

Product Description

  1. Richfeel Trichology Hair Regrowth Oil

This regrowth oil comes in white  plastic bottle with flip open cap and the detailing of product has written in black and blue color. This oil is meant for hair regrowth and root nourishment. It has a very pleasant herbal smell although it is little on stronger side. It has goodness of precious herbs like Amla Jaborandi, Shikakai Brahmi etc, which promotes hair growth with no side effects.This has directed to use twice in week and only on scalp,no massaging required just apply and leave it overnight followed by washing your hair next day in the morning.

Price: INR 785 for 500 ml.

richfeel hair regrowth oil

2. Richfeel Trichology Hair and Scalp Cleanser

This shampoo is quite thick and very little is required to clean the hair. To my surprise it lathers pretty well and cleans effectively. It gives soothing and squeaky clean feeling to my scalp and doesn’t dry out my hair, My scalp remains oil free for next 2 days.

Price: INR 402 for 500ml.

richfeel trichology oil and shampoo

3. Richfeel Trichology Hair Care Capsules

They are made of natural ingredients like Amla, Trifala, Brahmi etc. They have Biotin enriched Body building complex and meant for reconstructions and rejuvenation of hair shaft to promote healthy hair growth.

Price: INR 450 .

richfeel trichology capsule

richfeel trichology hiar growth capsules

4. Richfeel Trichology Tricomb (wooden comb)

I got this wooden comb as well because plastic creates friction in the hair thus making them fall, and it helps to promote hair growth and prevents minor and major scalp infection. I have noticed 80% less hair fall in just one go !!! Holy Grail indeed:)

Price: INR 200.

richfeel tricology hair care regie

My Experience with RichFeel Trichology Hair Care Treatment

When I first used this regime I was little scared because my previous experience was not good with herbal and medicated hair care products. But I have noticed a lot of difference in just first use. My hair fall has reduced to a great extent and I feel the super soft and nourishing effect on my hair. I am super happy with the results because they do what they claim. After following the whole process for 3 months my hair feels soft, shiny and healthy and This hair care regime changed my thoughts towards herbal hair care products.

It been 3 months I have using this care care regime and loving it to the core. I ll recommend this treatment to those who are suffering from severe hair fall due to any reason behind, trust me guys it will work for every one.You just have to book an appointment at your nearest Richfeel Trichology Center because these products are not available online and their suggestions are different for every person. The only problem is availability of products. Otherwise they are truly miraclous hair care product i have ever used till date.

P.S. I am loving this hair care regime It is like god sent product which actually works and  saved my hair and now I have no worries , So try it people You will love it.




  1. I have just opted for this treatment along with their tst plus program which has cost me 25,000 for 18 sittings that too after discount. I was apprehensive because it’s a lot of money but after reading your review I am hopeful it will show results


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