How long All The Cosmetics/Makeup Should Last


Every beauty product has an expiry date.I  love my eye pencil and eye shadows but I have never managed to finish even a single eye shadow till date .I am in those who  just hate to be seprated from my products but there comes a time when you need to get rid of them.I try hard and just throw then without thinking about them the vary next second. This is because old product can lead to lot many medical problems such as skin irritation, breakouts and especially eye infection.




To start with foundation foundation, a water based foundation stays well for up to a years in which oil based foundation can be kept with you for maximum of 18 months.Also if you are using a pump style bottle then it can be used longer compared to a bottle where you have to dab your finger.Always watch out for the sign or skin irritation , break outs after applying foundations.This gives you a clear picture about the product.
Compact powder-A compact powder can be used for a year easily but you must leave it immediately if your skin gets irritated by it. If the smell of the product is little strange then you should avoid using it immediately.
Blush and bronzer also last and shows same sign as the compact powder.
Lipstick and glossesIf your lipstick starts smelling rancid and the gloss looks weird then it is time to change it.
Mascara– Ideally masacara should not be used for more than four months as this is one of the beauty product which expires the fastest.Regular usage of the wand makes the bacteria breed quite easily in it.Also if it gets clumsy or begins to smell foul then it should not be used .Ofcourse if by using using mascara you get an eye infection then you should immediately get a new product for yourself .
Eye shadows and eye pencils -Eye shadow lovers can smile after reading this  as according to skincare expert eye shadow stays for about two years provided you do not share with other people.Also you should sharpen the eye pencil regularly to avoid any kind of bacteria to breed in it.
Nailpolish can last more than one and half year provided good care is taken of them.
One important factor which should always be kept in mind is the quality of the make up product. Always buy branded product and stay away from local eye shadows , lipstick and foundations.

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