How Long Does A Bikini Wax Last


I know it an “Oucher” but how long does A bikini wax last? I hope after taking all the pain it last for a month atleast .Please guide!


how long does bikini wax last


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  1. I feel than even my underarm wax doesn’t last for more than a week 🙁
    eager to know the answer to the above question 🙂

  2. 1st time is unbearable- i took a painkiller half an hour before heading out to the salon to keep the pain at bay, i think it worked a bit.
    The growth starts back within a week which is damn irritating! All that pain just to keep it clean for a week! -_-

      • I paid 13K in 2010 for 5 sittings + 1 sitting free at Kaya. or you can choose to pay per sitting to chk if it suits you. I did 3 sittings and still hv two left which I shall get done next month. Expensive but worth every penny as it was drastic improvement in just 3 sittings

          • No side effects at all. I have lasered off the hair underarm hair which I got done at Kaya Training centre fr 200 bucks a sitting, done 5 years back – no side effects at all. I got the 3 sittings done in 2010 – so 3 years now and no side effects… they take a lot of care, done under supervision by doctor, apply anaesthtic cream.

        • Hi! Avina. I’m getting full body hair removal done very soon. May I know which lazer treatment did they do on you? Fractional Lazer or anything else?

          • Hi Bhawna,
            Kaya uses ND Yag laser. They hv only one method. there r other lasr treatmens fr pigmentation etc offered by dermatoogists but ND Yag is best fr hair. I also wanted to do full legs hair removal but got bored after one sitting of 2 hours and besides its painful coz area is large.. fr underarms etc area is very small so gets done in 5-10 mins.

            Waxing 3-4 times a year is fine with me :giggle:


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