How Makeup Can Enhance Confidence



How Makeup Can Enhance Confidence

Makeup and Confidence!!! Have you ever given a thought about getting these two terms together???
And how much do these two terms make sense when they are together???

So this is no usual article that I write, it’s no review, it’s not about remedy, it is not any “How To”. The article today is all about a simple yet unanswered question, How Can Makeup enhance Confidence???

Few years or back may be one or two; Dove brand came up with an Advertisement that asked a question to women “Will you leave home without makeup?”


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The brand here had no motive to talk about makeup; instead it wanted to convey that a skin that is not soft and smooth cannot do without makeup. Of course that was just an advertisement had nothing serious to do about, but it gave all of us a very interesting question i.e. “will you step out without makeup?”

No, I actually do not step out without a grooming session, no matter how long or how short the session be. Even if I have to go to a nearby grocery shop, I definitely have a look at me, check my hair and if not nothing more, I would just approach for tinted balm and kohl. Doing so makes me feel confident.

It is not that I feel ugly about myself without makeup, but with makeup I feel very confident, it is like I have ensured that I am looking good.

If we take a recent instance, there is a contestant in Big Boss season 8, Karishma Tanna. She literally was devastated over the feel that she has no makeup with her any longer because Big Boss has taken that as a part of some task. Nothing seemed more important to her than asking for her makeup back. She actually is still fighting for her makeup over many other more serious things. Of course she is a pretty girl but she definitely is not confident about the fact that she is shown on national television without makeup, and this girl now borrows makeup from other contestants.

How Does Makeup Enhance Confidence?

Makeup is an art or rather I should say a Magic that transforms you to what you want to look like. It works the way how you want it to work.

Makeup is no science and has no hard and fast rules to be followed, different techniques work for different people. Just some good art of application and blending of makeup and you have a beautiful looking face.

Women have many complaints about the way they look a thick nose, thin lips, small eyes, double chin, etc.

If you have a plump face and desire to have a sculpted look, you can try the art of Contouring in makeup to accentuate your features.


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You can enhance your eyes and create a bold statement. You can create an impression of fuller lips with makeup. Infact you can create an impression about a lot of things with makeup that you are not confident about sans makeup. You can even hide your double chin with makeup that has very often been a reason of embarrassment for many women.

Many Studies were conducted about how felt with and without makeup and results did not surprise me much. It showed that women felt more confident and had better sense of self esteem when they had makeup on.

Just the way dressing in various manners can give you various looks that you might just want to flaunt, similarly makeup too is capable of creating various looks.

This makes complete sense when we hear of a term “Nude Makeup” in various types of makeup. Nude makeup is nothing but a makeup that almost feels like no makeup. So when women do not want to look dramatic or even let people know that they are wearing makeup, they often opt for nude makeup.


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So you see how women wear dramatic, smokey, subtle or nude makeup on various time and occasion but they would just never go without makeup.

Just to explain it better, we can take an example of a student, who is all prepared for exam but a revision before entering the examination hall makes the student feel more confident. That’s because the student then has ensured that he is all prepared to appear in exam and has learned his chapters well.
Similarly women too do makeup to enhance their beauty and feel ensured that ‘Yes , they are looking good’. This in a way enhances their confidence to meet and interact with people as well.

Biased Opinions About makeup!

While we love makeup, there are many people who are not very impressed with makeup and take it as something which is fake and not respectable.

Infact this is Bias on their part, because somewhere down the line they too have had a Makeup impressed moment. Ask them do their favorite actresses not wear makeup? Has their Mom, sister, wife or they themselves never worn makeup?

So if they can love and wear makeup on themselves, family and actresses, then why not on others? This is why I say this biased opinion. Why being judgmental about somebody only because of makeup.


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Women have often been criticized by many people for wearing makeup and even been judged about their personality & character. Women are sometimes even called artificial and fake because of wearing makeup. I call such people highly uncivilized. After all wearing makeup is absolutely a personal choice.

I do not in anyway say that everyone should love makeup indeed everyone are free to have an opinion or choice, but forcing your opinions onto someone and actually judging somebody’s personality is absolutely ridiculous.

Well my ladies I totally love doing makeup and am keen on developing better makeup skills.

Do makeup, stay happy, stay confident!!!

What is your opinion about makeup?

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  1. Great post 🙂 Agree with all the points. I have been criticized for wearing bright lipstick to office from women itself, but that doesnot stop me. I love makeup and I think every women should be well groomed 🙂

  2. Nice write up Ritz. I have a broad nose…so when ever I contour my nose sides and bride I feel supah confident for pics. I agree that makeup DOES enhance our confidence.

  3. Yup makeup is an awesome way to feel more confident n presentable.. 🙂 But I am a very lazy person.. So for my daily tasks I dont wear makeup, but for special occasions I wont step out without it EVER 😀


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