How Nargis Fakhri Manages Gorgeous Skin And Fit Body At 36


How Nargis Fakhri Manages Gorgeous Skin And Fit Body At 36

Hello lovelies! Nargis Fakhri stepped into Bollywood with the movie Rockstar & made a mark with her beauty & charming personality. She is blessed with a flawless complexion & manages to look great even without makeup. With a well-toned physique, she has one of the best bodies in B-town today. And now let me tell you that she is 36 years old! Seriously? It’s hard to believe right! So, today we unlock How Nargis Fakhri Manages Gorgeous Skin And Fit Body At 36. Keep reading to find out more!

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Deep Cleansing & Moisturizing: Nargis religiously follows her CTM routine. She starts by washing her face & removing all the makeup. Then she moves on to tone her skin & finally apply a moisturizer. In addition, she also emphasizes on the importance of regular exfoliation!

Drink Plenty Of Water: The sexy actress makes it a point to drink 2 litres of water every day. Along with this, she also sips coconut water daily to keep her system free from toxins. She believes in keeping the body hydrated at all times which helps her keep the skin healthy & glowing.

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The Right Diet: Nargis pays a lot of attention to her diet. She keeps her diet simple & healthy. She loves to eat fresh fruits and vegetables & stays away from sugar, fizzy drinks & processed foods. Also she eats at regular intervals of two hours and munches on walnuts, almonds and dry fruits. In fact, she loves dark chocolates too! She also includes soups and salads along with her meals.

Go Natural! The actress vouches for natural products for her skin which are safe and effective. In fact, she gets rid of her make-up simply using olive oil. She also loves her hair massages with warm Coconut oil.

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Home Cooked Meals: The actress prefers to prepare her own food & loves home-cooked meals. She feels that this way she can eat healthy & customize the food as per her taste.

Zumba: Zumba is one of the most preferred exercises by the sizzling diva. She dedicates at least half an hour to Zumba every day which helps her relieve stress. Since she loves to dance, she is a big fan of Zumba & it also helps to keep her energy levels up all day long. Moreover, the dance form also helps to shed the extra kilos & keep the body well toned.

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Yoga & Meditation: Nargis also practices Yoga & meditation. It helps her to relax her mind as well as her body. Furthermore, it also keeps her calm & reduces stress levels.

Working Out! Nargis does stretching exercises on a regular basis to keep her body fit & flexible. It also promotes blood circulation & helps relieve from stress. She likes to hit the gym too & runs on the treadmill to stay active. Along with this, she also works on muscle strengthening and does push-ups and sit-ups too.

Exercise Whenever You Can: The pretty actress believes that no matter how busy you are, it is important to take some time out & exercise! She likes to stay fit & active throughout the day. One such practice that she follows is that she takes the stairs rather than an elevator to shed off those extra calories!

2016 Beauty Resolution: Nargis is all set to practice new forms of workouts this year. She plans to include Tai Chi in her daily routine. It is a Chinese martial art which is practiced for defense training and health benefits. She strongly believes that being fit is not just about exercising, but one should also feel good about oneself & have a positive attitude.

What do you think about Nargis’s Beauty & Fitness Regime?

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