How NOT To Wear Makeup!!!


Makeup is a part of every girl,s life,be it a small or a large part.However,makeup when used incorrectly without taking into consideration your skin colour ,type and outfit can make one look like a clown or worse , scary! take a look pics below and you will know what I mean.

Bad base makeup: The usually stunning Eva Longoria looks scary as in an attempt to mask under eye circles she just decided to turn them white!!!

makeup mistakes_bad make up base

Base makeup forms a very important part of your makeup. Base makeup is not called ‘foundation’ for nothing. It does lay the foundation a great look if the right colours and right textures and coverage is used. It is best not to attempt to follow new products blindly without knowing if they are for you. Case in point: I was the mac store buying my Face and Body foundation . Now i dont have a severly blemished skin..just a few acne marks here and there so I can get away with using it. There was a lady at the store who had severe hyper pigmentation and she insisted on trying face and body over a full coverage concealer. Do you really need me to tell you how that looked? The general rule to follow is always buy a foundation to match your skin tone and not a lighter one as that will only make one look ashy and ghastly!Keep your skin type in mind and don’t buy a creme based foundation is you have oily skin.Its also important to flawless foundation application otherwise you may look patchy and streaky. Also apply foundation to your neck otherwise it looks rather strange and is very visible in pictures! See Amisha Patels pic below

Blush /Highlighter: Blush and highlighter are supposed to make you glow.. and not make one look like a clown!I have seen people apply blush all over the cheeks and feel that blush should be ‘visible’.When I was flying, I have actually had to hand a tissue to my junior to go wipe off some blush as she had two coral circles which looked like two “suns” on her face! Blending is the key to flawless blush application.Just look at Zee’s blush posts and you know how even the scariest colour can look stunning on you if blended well.!

makeup mistakes_heavy highlighter

Highlighters are meant to highlight the higher points of the face .But .use too much and it just makes your face look like an oil slick.Have a look at the pics below!these usually stunning ladies have so much highlighter on in an attempt to look dewy that they look like they need a face wash more than makeup!Dewy is different and oily is different!!

Eyemakeup: Eyemakeup has the power to make one look stunning or scary!Smokey eyes are everyone’s fav make up look but it is important to know where to stop. If one goes to dark it just looks scary !People with dark circles must either learn to conceal them perfectly or just stop using kohl and smudge it on the lower lashline. It just adds to the problem. One trend I just dont get it blue eyeshadow with a blue outfit or green smokey eyes with a green outifit. In short,matchy matchy! Makeup should always complement your features and outfit. The matchy matchy trend looks plain tacky.

If you are using a strong lip color go easy on the eyes and vice versa. The oldest rule in the book and there are many of our celebs who love to go all out with their makeup. The first name that comes to mind is Celina Jaitley. I am not saying that all rules must be followed regarding this .. but it helps to take an honest opinion of someone you trust if stepping out with bold lips and eyes! The key to perfect eye makeup is blend till you can blend no more!

makeup mistakes_bold lips and eyes

  • Lipstick: Lipstick can uplift a dull face or make one look ill. It all depends on the color choice.Look at Gauri Khans pic above..The shade just washed her out. It is important to find shades that complement the skintone> Another mistake I see all too often is darker lipliner and lighter lipstick which looks like a ring of color around the lips when the lippie fades!not a good look!Another coome mistake that comes to mind is lipliner that is extended waaaayyyyy beyond the natural lipline to create a ‘pout;.It looks plain funny infact

What do you think are mistakes that people should avoid ?

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  1. Nice post Shweta :yes: . Loved reading it. :-)) :-))
    Look at those great O:-) personalities , all r looking so YUKK :clown: :sick:

  2. problem with Celina is that she counter her nose too much..shade difference is so contrast..and on top of that
    those fake lenses and bight lipstick..everything is wrong 😛

    • hain na ana… she looks evil actually!!i have seen her without makeup and she is a stunning lady.. wonder why does she do this

  3. Ewwww.. all of them are terrible. But the winner is Gauri Khan and that nasty spoilt Kapoor is the closest :sick:

    Very well written Shweta. We all write what to wear and this post is awesomely wat not to wear. Kudos.

  4. but u know preeti.. her casual sense of dressing is great.. she goofs up in public appearances..¡i had seen her n malaika arora khan at a store once and they looked great!but when it comes to parties.. she gets it all wrong

  5. omg.. look at the highlighter abuse… :laugh: all three of them look trashy… poor sonam.. i hope she didnt kill the MUA who did this… :guns:

  6. I think , we , here , being non celebs and with limited time and resources to spend on makeup , look way better – even if we do a 5 minute makeup job before a party than these examples given in this post. And you are so right about the right shade of foundie. When one uses the right shade , in the pictures , one looks pretty and even toned and bright even. Totally better than the :no: ashy casper replica look.

  7. I dont know abt make up much wo to wishshe main ake thora bohot seekh gaye hu 😀 :laugh:

    Sab k sab is looking like OIL FACTORY… Teel tapak rahe h… :sick: :hypnotized: U can make our country so rich with it…!! I like Gauri’s lippies… pakka ek the dayan ( life ok ) ki cast karsakti h :X-P: :sweat: 😮

  8. Gr8 post shweta.. u have mentioned all the ‘don’t’ s of the make up so clearly. Whether a professional or a beginner one needs to do read this article to avoid going wrong with make up. ‘Claps’ :-)) :tap-danc :yes: e: :hug-makeup:


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