How Often Should We Clean Our Makeup Brushes?


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Makeup brushes are a must have for every makeup loving person, but not many of us are aware of the hygiene factors associated with it. We continuously use makeup brushes and keep on using them, until one fine morning a huge pimple pops up on our face! Then, we feel the need to wash those babies.


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But is it the way? Think about the germs on your makeup brushes that come from residue makeup, continuous contact with your skin and other factors. Sounds gross right? Well, it surely is. Then what to do? Makeup brushes are really costly sometimes and so we can’t really afford to throw them out every time we use them. Neither can we have just one makeup brush as there are different brushes for different needs like foundation, contouring, highlighting, concealing and so on.


So, the last option that is left is Cleaning makeup brushes at regular intervals. But there are two questions that pop up in our mind while dealing with this issue –

  1. How often should we use makeup brushes?
  2. With what should we clean our makeup brushes?

If you also have these questions in mind, then my friend, this is the place for you!


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How often should we clean makeup brushes?

Makeup brushes come in contact with the oils and germs of skin but the regular washing of these babies is totally unrealistic. They need a long span to dry up, particularly in winter when we love to do makeup. Then how often should we clean these brushes? According to some celebrity makeup artist, cleaning brushes one in two weeks in enough but it totally depends on the amount of usage. If you use brushes regularly, it is best to wash them once a week, for best hygiene. But if a girl uses her brushes just for occasions, she can extend the usage period.

According to some experts, a girl can use her makeup brushes as long as her skin is not affected by pimples or skin infection. She can just wipe off the makeup using any makeup tissue or any wet wipes. Her brushes will be perfectly fine to use for the longest period of time then.

But after a certain time, when the brushes are just too dirty to avoid, we need to clean them up and that is another task. Brush cleaning soaps and gels, available in the market are too expensive for some of us even to think about. But there is a good news for all! We can clean our brushes with some simple things that are dirt cheap and readily available at home.

makeup brush cleaning mat beeds

Step by Step Cleaning of Makeup brushes:

  • At first, take some liquid soap (non-scented soap is preferable) in a bowl full of lukewarm water.
  • Then dip the brushes into it.
  • Keep them for 5 to 10 minutes (depending on the dirt)
  • Rub them gently with your own hands.
  • Wash them in running cold water to keep the bristles in place and make the brushes look new.
  • Though most people end their makeup brush cleaning ritual here, we will suggest you doing a step more – Sanitising the makeup brushes.
  • Just take your favourite hand sanitizer and pour a few drops into a bowl full of cold water.
  • Dip those babies into it for good 2 minutes.
  • Then keep them for drying.

makeup brush cleaning on cleaning matCertain points that you need to remember:

  • Don’t share your makeup brush with anyone. This will lead to extreme unhygienic brushes and will result in pimples with other skin problems.
  • Don’t use too hard soap for cleaning those soft bristles. A baby shampoo, regular face wash or a hand wash is enough to do the job.
  • The water in which you put the makeup brushes shouldn’t be too hot. This can make your brushes rough too.
  • Don’t dry your brushes in direct sunlight. Make sure the place is warm but without direct sunlight.


makeup brush cleaning on mat


If you remember these points and clean your brushes accordingly, then skin problem will always be at bay.


makeup brush cleaning mat with washed makeup brushes



Makeup brushes are our best friend if we love applying makeup precisely. If we even think about our life, without these little tools, we will be so disheartened. So keeping these little ones clean and hygienic is a must and should be our weekly ritual. Keeping makeup brushes clean will not only make them long lasting but will also prevent skin infections and other skin related issues. If you clean your babies and keep them hygienic, they will pay you back with a good, problem-free skin with all your makeup on fleek!



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