How pure is your honey?

Honey is nature’s gift to mankind and it has been used since centuries in India. It is considered so pure can be proved by it usage in almost all auspicious ceremonies and worships in various parts of India. Honey is quite religiously used in almost all ayurvedic medicines. Like rice honey to is its best when it’s old. It’s best to use when it is one year old.
Honey is used in almost all types of herbal remedy treatment such as diabetes, losing or gaining weight, skin problems, asthma, hiccups, constipation etc. Therefore purity of honey is too important.Generally sugar and starch is added to honey and sold widely in the market. Impure honey can lead to side effects too. Therefore always test honey before using it in for herbal remedies.
You can check the purity of honey through following ways:-
1. Mix 1 part honey and 10 part water and boil it. Let it cool and mix 2 drops of iodine in it. When mixed if you see blue or green color on it that means it’s impure.

2. Soak honey in cotton and burn it with match stick. When burnt if you hear crackling sound then it’s impure. Pure honey will make no noise when burnt.

3. Take a bloating paper and sprinkle 2-3 drops oh honey on it. If the honey has sugar syrup in it then bloating paper will have a watery spot in it after few minutes.

4. Take a glass of water and drop few drops of honey in it. If honey stays same in size then its pure. If its increase or decrease in size then its impure.

Few things should be kept in mind while using honey.
1. Never consume hot water after having honey. Even it should be avoided after having hot tea,milk or any other drink.

2. Never consume honey in equal quantity with butter or ghee.
Get pure honey in kitchen and live a healthy and a beautiful life.


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