How Right Eating Changes Everything – IWB Weight Loss Programme


How Right Eating Changes Everything – IWB Weight Loss Programme

A Big Hello To  Everyone!

Today I am not going to do any product review or show you swatches but today is more of a heart felt post I wanted to share with you all especially when the year is ending in two days.

I am going to talk about Fitness & Weight Loss today. I have been associated with this blog since a long while and this blog speaks about lot of me! I sometime just sit back and browse all the old pics of mine and realize that I have changed a lot in these five years and thanks to the right people I met in my journey of being fit & healthy. That is the main reason behind the idea that clicked us to start with Fitness & Weight Loss blog. I really feel short of words to thank the right nutritionist who has been supportive and patient enough to help me re-discover myself in a lot healthy state of my life. It really feels great that I was able to get the right direction in which I had to begin my journey for Fitness & Weight Loss.

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First of all I have a word of advice for those who resort to shortcut ways to be skinny for that matter as there is nothing like you are going to like those skinny models you admire. Every individual has a genetic structure which is different from other and that is basically what determines how your body structure will take a form on maturity, you cannot alter that. However, with the right set of choices in leading a life which is healthy will surely ensure you being happy about the shape and size of your body.

Those who believe that they can follow any diet and lifestyle and then just one day want to decide that they want to quickly lose weight and become fit! Well, fitness is something evolutionary and doesn’t takes place in a month’s time. It needs patience and the self determination to achieve the result, whatever it takes.

Those who believe shortcut ways are good to achieve fitness and lose weight, they end up having a very different kind of look which doesn’t matches their expectations. Their face looks like a mouse and looks as if all the air has been squeezed out from their face. The face lacks the glow as they don’t look happy from the inside.

Fitness is not a hobby but actually a practice which is almost similar to your lifestyle. One should be really elevated with the modes of their lives and should be happy in what ever they are doing. When this happens, the happiness and glow is truly visible on the face.

We have a dedicated team of writers and fitness practitioners who work day and night and make an every day diet plan which suits the needs of every individual counting on the food choices and taste preferences. The team is constantly in touch with our clients cum friends. These are just minor lifestyle tips that one needs to implement in their lives and one an see the drastic changes in their shape and inner self by following the re-invented lifestyle.



Well, if you don’t believe me and have doubts about the effectiveness of this program, then just join one month Weight Loss program of ours and you will better know yourself how well it works. Also, we are running a 10 % off  on the Weight Loss Program so interested people may just contact the Indian Weight Loss Blog. You can always check the client testimonials who have shared their experience and are really happy about it.

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  1. You look more amazing and much much younger now, motherhood really did wonders on u, n ya u seem to have lost lots of weight ! great going!

  2. Motherhood add just more years to your looks and body but its the right eating which do it all..i am glad i have pictures to show here 😀


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