How Safe Is Skin Whitening Surgery?


How Safe Is Skin Whitening Surgery?

Skin whitening or skin lightening has been in practice for a long time. Earlier natural ingredients like saffron and turmeric were extremely popular to improve skin tone. It was effective to an extent but took a long time in showing results. Now you can get lighter skin by many methods. Fairness creams, face packs, peels, treatments and what not. Now even Laser is being used to get lighter skin.

The laser skin whitening treatment is basically meant for hyper-pigmentation, scars and spots. These marks do not look good and laser can lighten or remove them. People world over are obsessed with light or white skin and this has made people use laser treatments to become few shades fairer.

Laser treatment for pigmented skin

Laser Surgery For Skin Whitening

Laser treatments can be used all over body to make skin white. It is a bleaching procedure which reduces melanin in skin and reveals light skin.

4-5 sessions are needed to see complete results. When you get only hyperpigmented spots lightened, the lightening is permanent as the skin is brought to its natural color. When you use laser treatment for getting fair, the results are not permanent as skin self-corrects and returns to its original tone in 2-3 months. Think of it as tanning where you get dark but skin gets back to its natural color in due time. So you need follow-up sessions every 2-3 months to maintain the new, light skin tone.

laser hair removal side effects

The benefits are obviously a lighter skin and removal of dark spots. Many girls may even feel more confident after getting white skin.

The Negative Effects of Skin Whitening Surgery

  • The procedure is expensive and follow-ups make it even dearer.
  • Burning session
  • Itching
  • Redness
  • Scarring
  • Swelling
  • Change in skin texture
  • Blistering and Clustering
  • Infections

In some cases the skin may get dark spots if the laser is not suitable for the skin type. Get laser skin whitening surgery done only at a reputed clinic. It is advisable think of all the pros and cons. Consider whether the cons are worth getting a lighter skin. Keep in mind that laser lightening treatment is better for spots and freckles and not the best option for all over skin lightening.

Have you had Skin Whitening Surgery?

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