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Is Talcum powder safe to use?

Made from ground talc and silicates talcum powder are mostly used to absorb moisture and prevent friction which is why it is most commonly used for babies to prevent nappy rash.
talc powder
 It is widely used on out cosmetics mostly in body powder, loose powder and powder foundation or even some mineral foundation as well.Talc is infact a mineral and therefore can be easily included in mineral makeup.
How Harmful is Talcum Powder?
Talc is mineral based powder and can irritate the lungs if  inhaled in quantity.There don’t seem to be long term health problems.If one can use it without inhaling a noticeable amount then it seems to be safe.

When applying talcum powder on babies , avoid allowing your baby to breath it.You can lay a wash cloth or some such over our babies mouth to act as in air filter.



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  1. Nice info anamika…I have alwayz avoided talcum or even compact ones…They only block the pores leading to breakouts…


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