How Safe It Is To Take Hair Treatment During Pregnancy?


How Safe It Is To Take Hair Treatment During Pregnancy?

A lot of queries have been put up time and again for hair care during pregnancy and recently two of my friends who are pregnant did put up these things to discussion on our whatsapp group!

Talking about a normal woman, there is already lot of myth prevailing around as to using chemical son hair leads to several issues. Like it may affect the healthy of the hair and may have repercussions like excessive white hair strands in future and numerous others!

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Well, to be honest, I too thought differently before I started coloring my hair and now I wonder how did I manage to let go those 8-10 gray strands of hair all these years! I am regularly getting my hair color done and interestingly I have not experienced any side effects like hair thinning or more counts of gray hair!

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So, I guess these allegations are not true at all! Unless you are using sub-standard quality of hair color, there is nothing to worry about! Hair colors are made with utmost care and there is a team which tests the products for human use. So you can be safe to use them unless you are using cheap products which claim to magically transform!

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Well hair treatments are of different types and depending upon the various types of hair treatments it can be said or recommended as to whether they are safe during pregnancy or not!

Not Harmful

Hair color or dyeing hair is generally not considered harmful for pregnant women as the skin absorbs only a little amount of the superficial chemical applied on the scalp and the chances of it reaching the fetus is very less!

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Usually all hair treatments can be followed even during pregnancy but yes with some exceptions and necessary conditions which are as under-

  • It is always better to wait for the second trimester. After that think of undergoing any kind of hair treatment which involves the use of chemicals!
  • If you cannot live without coloring your hair or some other treatments, then a good idea is to get streaks or highlights on hair which actually don’t reach the scalp.
  • Never keep the chemical for more than prescribed timing!
  • Always use safe and high end brand products as they are well tested. Unless indicated harmful to be used during pregnancy, it can be used by any pregnant woman!
  • Always make sure to keep away from the chemicals and never inhale the chemical in any case. Strong smelling substances are usually not advised during pregnancy!

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Some Precautions

Always go for a patch test before trying out a new product. So that in case of allergies you may drop the idea or change the treatment products! You can alternatively use safer brands of hair colors or dyes prepared from vegetables or herbs. These are safer to use in comparison to most chemical based treatment products!

Always make sure to not sit at the same place for long hours during pregnancy. Always keep moving and keep your self hydrated enough. Also the place should be ventilated well!

Hope you find the information useful! 🙂

Did you about these hair treatment facts during pregnancy?

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