How Serums Works On Face


Latika asks,

There is lot of hype of facial serums.Have you tried them? Do they actually work and whats their benefit?

How serum works on face

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  1. hi i hv tried ponds age miracle serum and i don’t find it a great product….bt its meant 4 wrinkles i guess bt i o’t hv wrincles….i hv found its night cream better than serum.

  2. Hi Latika,

    Serums are supposed to be used under anti aging creams..these serums are very light and sinks well into the freshly cleansed and toned skin.i have used two serums
    ponds anti aging and lotus one and both didnt bring any miracle changes so i am not sure how effective they r.

  3. I’ve tried a couple of serum’s – one from Body Shop Moisture White & the other was a Biotique one. I personally felt the Biotique one didn’t make any difference what so ever. The body shop one was good, when used along with the cream it did make a difference to my face.

    Serums should always be used in conjuction with their creams for the best results.

      • At least I think so.. serums are nothin but the lotion/cream itself without the fillers. Hence it is a more concentrated version of the cream.. the addition of cream on top which has moisturizers helps to trap the serum as well as amplify the cream effectiveness.

  4. Hiya Latika,
    Olay is gud, ponds is hopeless but u can try Loreal, they have come up with a new range called ‘Youth Code’ esp for people between 25-35 having skin probs, sagging of skin, pigmentation and effects due to climate n pollution, the company claims that it’s effect stays put even when u discontinue, check it out is gud too.TC

      • Hiya Zara,
        Yups, youth code is gud, but haven’t used it for very long so cant tell you exact measurable effects, also since it’s fairly new in the market it will be difficult to hunt down frnds who have used it long but I tried it few times n it’s gud, gets quickly absorbed and makes skin supple, olay is definitely a risk free deal coz it dose work, makes skin soft n a lil fair but I also feel, go in for the natural remedies when you have time eg honey, egg, papaya for skin tightening and tomato with oatmeal n lil mixed herbs is excellent. TC 🙂


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