How Sugar, Salt, Dairy, Alcohol Affect Your Skin


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Are you a hoarder for junk food or do you love sweets like an insane (like me. 😛 )? Well, then this post can be a bit of a letdown. When I was researching for this post, I was munching something really delicious (read french fries) and I saw something really disheartening – side effects of salt, sugar, dairy and alcohol on skin. I am a big foodie as well as a skin care fanatic and when these two are pitched one against another, it is impossible for me to choose. Imagine choosing between a glowing skin and your favourite pizza or donut – sounds really tough, right?


But umm, we will have to make it. But before making that decision, let me tell you the side effects of having that piece of cake and those burgers. Decoding the effects of sugar, salt, alcohol and dairy on the skin. Dig in to know the secret to our dull skin!

How Salt, Sugar, Dairy, Alcohol affect our skin?

Sugar is the main ingredient for most of the delicious foods on this earth. Pastries, muffins, donuts to our very own soft drinks – every other yummy thing on this planet contains sugar.

But did you know that besides the additional kilogrammes, sugar doesn’t do much good for your skin? But not only your favourite chocolate and cakes, even foods like ketchup and cream cheese are high in sugar, as are all foods with a high glycemic index.

These foods are the cause of an instant spike in your blood sugar which triggers an overproduction of insulin leading to the inflammatory reaction in your body tissues, including the collagen.

Collagen and elastane bands are the building blocks of your skin and excessive sugar dents the tight collagen bonds giving you folds and wrinkles. Besides early ageing and cellulite production, your body can even develop insulin resistance which can lead to excessive hair growth on the face in women, patchiness on the neck and other body parts.


Some of the chief food to control the sugar influence on the body are Broccoli and Avocado that can control this sugar hike and also give you healthy skin.

avocado face pack

Salt is one of the basic things that our body needs. Salt does many wonderful things for our body – regulation of osmosis, control of blood and water, transports water to the tissues and so on. But excessive of salt can lead to a number of problems as well.

While salt doesn’t directly affect your skin, it causes water retention that can make you feel puffy and bloated. 2-3 gms of salt on a daily basis is more than enough for your body’s requirement but when you consume more than it, this can be really disastrous.

But tracking the amount of salt in our food is really a tough job as most of the things we consume on our daily basis contains salt. Even packaged food to our daily healthy soup, the salt is omnipresent.

Excessive salt consumption can lead to bags under your eyes and either dry and cracked or excessively oily skin.

Oil glands try to compensate for the dehydration by producing more oil, which shows up in the form of breakouts on your face.

  • Dairy


I know many of us hate milk and will be really happy to read this but for someone like me, who love milk as well as all the other dairy products on this earth, this came as a great shock. Dairy products, for those who don’t know, include butter, cheese, cottage cheese, tofu or paneer, yoghurt chocolates and yes, our favourite ice creams as well.

But the dairy product is not harmful to all of us. The effects of dairy products on your skin rely a lot on if you’re lactose intolerant or not.

You can simply test if you are lactose intolerant or not or can simply consume dairy products for a few days and see if it reacts to your skin or not. If yes, then you can read further.

Milk contains bonds that are like the testosterone hormone produced in our bodies. These bonds stimulate excess oil production and lead to acne. So acne is also a sign of lactose intolerance. So even if you get a zit or two after having your favourite ice cream or pizza, my love, it is time to bid goodbye.

Alcohol is surely not one of the best things that you can drink and many people avoid it too. But for those who are addicted and who doesn’t want to give up on alcohol, here’s a quick note for you!

Alcohol causes severe effects of dehydration on all tissues of the body including the skin. Patchiness, dryness, wrinkles and puffiness of the face and eyes are really common when we drink alcohol on a regular basis.

It has some other really harmful effects on liver, heart, digestive system and even on your metabolic rate. Alcohol is surely not your best friend and I will actually recommend you to completely eliminate it from your daily routine.


Hangover is a common effect of alcohol consumption and the only enemy to this is drinking loads of water. Remember, water is your best friend in any situation and even if you drink some alcohol, pile it up with at least 4 to 5 litres of water.

Avoid the above four and get a glow like this

That’s all folks! Hope you can make your decisions better now!

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