How To Achieve A Great Go-To Makeup Look With Minimum Products


How To Achieve A Great Go-To Makeup Look With Minimum Products

A go-to makeup look is our daily makeup look. We can wear it to work or for outings. If you are not into heavy makeup, you can wear such look to a party as well. You don’t need many products and too much time.

The starting step is to cleanse your skin. You can also lightly exfoliate your skin before putting on any makeup. After that, follow these steps To Achieve A Great Go-To Makeup Look With Minimum Products-

The Basic Base

The best base for a go-to day makeup look is a tinted moisturizer or BB cream with SPF 30 or above. You will need just this one product to cover your skin. If you do not have such all-in-one product or you have oily skin then start with a sunscreen followed by a suitable moisturizer. Apply a BB cream to top it up.

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Conceal any problem areas like dark circles and spots. Apply a loose powder on your T-zone to keep oil away.

Quickly Done Eyes

Take an eye shadow that is one shade darker than your complexion and sweep it over your eyelids and crease area. This provides definition without looking too obvious. You can use a matte or shimmery highlighting shade on the inner corners of eyes, brow bones and on the center of eyelids. Remember to blend properly.

smoky eye makeup

Thinly line your eyes and apply kohl on your waterline. You can skip the eyeliner and just use kohl on upper and lower waterline. This step is entirely up to you and you can modify it as per your preference.

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You can even skip the liner and kohl part and jump to mascara. Apply two coats of mascara on the upper eyelashes.

Get Cheeky


A warm blush is the best to add glow to face. Pick a blush in peach or pink shade and swipe it on the apples of cheeks.

Juicy Lips

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Your go to lip color depends on your choice. You can use a lip stain for long-lasting but subtle color. Another option is to wear a lipstick that is close to your natural lip color. Nudes and pinks are also great. If you love some drama, reds, hot pinks and oranges can be your go-to.

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This completes your makeup. The steps are easy and you will not look heavily made up as well.

Hope you like these quick tips to do a quick go-to- makeup!

What are your basic makeup items for a go-to look?

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