How To Get Deepika Padukone look


Have you ever wondered how clean, crisp and perfect Deepika padukone looks every time? I just love her, she does everything perfect, from her dress to hair, eyes to lips, everything strikes just the right balance. This is one such of her looks.

Read on to know how to achieve it.

Deepika Padukone Make up look

Face: Deepika’s face is always neatly primed and the base is perfect, she usually goes for a dewy finish rather than matte one. choose a semi-matte foundation that perfectly matches your skin tone, conceal any spots/ dark circles on your face to form a perfect base.

Eyes: Deepika usually goes for brown/taupe/bronze/dull gold eye shadows and defines them with a darker eye shadow of similar shade at the outer corner and the crease. Go for a light taupe brown eyeshadow  and sweep it over your entire eye lids, use a darker shade like MAC espresso to define the outer V, lower lash line  and in the crease. finally use a lighter shade at the inner corner to open up your eyes. In this look deepika has lined her eyes with a brown eyeliner. Add several coats of mascara to achieve those eyelashes. She has thick brows, to achieve that look, fill your brows with a brown eyeshadow.

Cheeks: in this look, The highlight is her perfect bronzer. Go for a bronzer two tones darker than your skin tone or something like this Mac Temperature Rising Bronzer in Refined Golden  and use it very lightly under the apples of your cheeks to the temples, run it over your hairline and jawline. Choose a blush in coral shade. Don’t forget to high light the apples of your cheeks.

Lips: deepika Chose to keep her lips neutral and used a pink nude lip color. You can go for your favorite nude lippie or Something like MAC half & half lipstick  Which will suit most of the kin tones perfectly.

Hair: Her hair have a lot of volume at the crown and waves at the ends. Use a volumizing hair spray and curl your hair at the ends very lightly to achieve those waves. make sure your hair has a lot of shine to it. Pin it up at the back, forming a messy puff at the crown. Seal with a holding spray.

Dress: go for that little red dress lying in your closet for all that while, or any other dress of your choice. This look will go well with any of your outfits.
Enjoy the look 🙂

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  1. I have serious girl crush on Deepika……hubby is always sceptical
    Your tute is really detailed Shale……I just hope that Jaipur gets a MAC store soon

    • Aw thanq 🙂 There are many dupes of all the MAC products suggested here, I should have mentioned dupes too 😛 The look is very simple and easy to carry 🙂

  2. yeah you forgot the part where you have to super skinny 😛 But yeah she looks good – I like her look – esp the eyes and the dimples.

  3. I like her the way she carries herself in any type of it a simple tank top paired with hot pants or a lacy flowing dress…She is a diva…!

  4. Girls,I Know to each their own but being thin or not does not matter, look at Adele,She is Super duper talented,extremely beautiful but she is overweight,but does that matter? I Agree you should be a certain weight to be healthy but if your healthy,weight does not matter.

  5. I agree with you Bipasha. I`d rather not just be known for looking good. What purpose does it serve ? It`s important to be groomed , yes , but one must have significant other contribution inorder to keep the respect thriving. and to enjoy the desserts. 😛 😉


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