How To Apply Blush For Your Face Type


How To Apply Blush For Your Face Type


Hello beautiful friends!

Days before i decided to put up something for beginners and wrote an article about the makeup brush guide. I was overwhelmed by the appreciation i got from you all as i was very much skeptical about that. So, now i have decided to dedicate articles to beginners more often

Today, i will be giving you a guide on how to apply blush according to your face type. We all have different shapes of face and makeup needs different application for each face type. So, it is important to choose and apply the right to avoid any disastrous mistake.

I will be going with each face type.


how to apply blush


Read on to learn more :

How To Apply Blush On Oval Face:-

People with oval face have a benefit here. There are a number of ways people with oval face can apply blush. They can try different techniques. This is a very flexible advantage oval shaped faces have.

But the best way for oval shaped face is to apply blush to the apple of cheeks and swipe upwards to highlight the cheek bones.
After all, right application is the key to looking good.

How To Apply Blush On Round Face

I am the one with a round face, here. It is quite an art to apply the blush correctly on a round face. You have to be careful while applying and must know the trick.

People with round face should wear blush along their cheekbones. And up towards the ear to make the face appear slimmer.
Makeup applied rightly on a round face can make it look slimmer.

How To Apply Blush  On Heart Shaped face:-

These are the people having a well defined jawline and somewhat pointed chin. For heart shaped face it is important to apply makeup in such a way that it balances their jawline well with the entire face.

Heart shaped face should apply blush right under the apples of cheeks and sweep upwards to balance out the jawline.
Remember, the trick is to balance out the jawline since you have a sharp one.

How To Apply Blush Square Face:

Square faces also apply the blush the same way as heart shaped face. But the difference lies in sweeping the blush on the face. For the heart shaped face, blush should be swept upwards while square face doesn’t need much sweeping of the blush.

Square face should wear their blush on the apples of their cheeks to soften the angles of the face.

This is the small guide for the beginners or people who still find it a challenge to apply the blush correctly.

It is very important to be first aware of your face shape and then adopt the right methods. ‘cause makeup can make you or break you!
Hope you like it and it proves to be of some help. See you all soon!

Which face type is your?

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  1. nyc artcle …shivangi how about a detailed article on face shapes, like diamond nd triangle shapes too… coz am still not perfectly aware about my face shape 🙁

  2. Thanks ritika. I will try to put up something like that too. But basically, these are the four face shapes. Technically, there is no diamond or triangle one. They are classified as this due to the elongated jawline and chin size. However, these shapes fall under the heart shape category. Still, I will look for something new and in case I get unique information, you will see an article here 🙂

  3. Trust me I have struggled for the longest with blush placement and finally got it right , this post will be so very helpful to many :))

  4. seems like this post is written just for me…!!…thanks for the help Shivangi…!!..applying blush is a headache…uff…


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