How To Apply Concealer Step By Step


How To Apply Concealer Step By Step

Concealer is a magic product and if applied correctly, it helps in making your skin look flawless. Any zit, darkness and redness can be covered up with a concealer. If you need some easy and effective ideas to get spotless skin the go through these ideas on How To Apply Concealer Step By Step-

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How To Apply Concealer To Hide Dark Circles Under Eyes:

Start with clean and moisturised eye area. If your dark circles are really prominent then apply a peach color corrector under your eyes. It will cancel any bluish tinge under the eyes.

Then move on to concealer. Liquid or cream concealers are considered the best for under eye area.

The best way to apply concealer under eyes is to use the triangle method. It is very popular and gives you an instant face-lift too. Start dotting concealer from the inner corner of eye, just where the side of nose ends. Move on to the outer corner of the eye. Form a triangle taking the area under the eye as the base of the triangle and the peek of the triangle should end where the cheekbone begins.

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Blend it lightly with your ring finger or a concealer brush. To set the concealer, take a damp sponge and dip it into highlighting powder. Dab the sponge over the concealed area.

Another method to set concealer is to blot the area with a tissue so that the concealer does not crease.

How To Apply Concealer on Zits and Spots

For a reddish pimple, use a green toned concealer just over it. Then top it with your regular concealer. Blend lightly and set. It is best to use a pointed brush for applying green concealer on pimple so that there is no risk of the infection spreading. For the regular concealer, you can use a Q-tip as it will blend the concealer easily.

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More Concealer Tips

For other spots, apply concealer after wearing foundation. This trick prevents the concealer from getting rubbed off. Good blending is required for impeccable concealer application otherwise you will end up with light spots on face.

Concealer can be used as an eye shadow primer. It not only makes the colour show up nicely but it also makes eye shadows last long.

A concealer that is somewhat lighter than your regular one can also used to highlight the brow bone and inner corner of eyes.

If you are in a hurry and do not have time for much makeup then concealer can help your eyes look brighter and awake. Dab some on lids, brow bone and inner corner. Blend well and you are ready with bright eyes.

If you apply concealer with your fingers then use your ring finger as it exerts minimum pressure on the delicate eye area.

Have puffy eyes? Mix some highlighter and eye cream with your concealer and apply under the eyes. You can also this mixture on your brow bone.

Did you like these tips on how to apply concealer step by Step?

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