How to apply concealer(Picture tutorial)

Concelaer is one of the most important product when ever one is applying eyemake up .It is one of my favourtie eye make up tehcnique.I have seen woman completely skipping there foundation and using concelaer primarily.On the contrary there are woman who are afraid of using concealers because they don’t know how to find the right share or how to apply it.
I will sugesst that if you are looking for a right concealer then try a high end brand first .Once you get your ture match then you can search the same color in a decently priced brand. I first tried concelaer in MAC but afterwards I looked for the shade in other brands and got it in loreal which is almost half of its price.
The secret of applying concealer is to find the right shade and blend it properly so that it look flawless and not obvious or cakey.
So here we go with the tutorial.
Step1-Clean your eyes .This is must for me because most of the time I am wearing my kajal or eyeliner.
Step2-Now apply serveal dots of concelaer under your eyes and then use the pad of your middle finer to tap it in.You can use concealer brush also but make sure you never rub the concealer.Always tap it.I apply it under my eyes and then corner of my nose and corners of lips where most of have uneven spots.Keep tapping.Alright!!!
Step3-After tapping dust the loose powder on your face.This set the make up.You can use any compact also which has been lying waste or you are not very fond of using it.I use my Body shop compact for this.If you have a fluffy brush then it is the best to apply on the concealer.It gives a flawless application.
That is it..You are done 🙂

Most of us who are warm skin tone get little darker in summers and lighter in winters.So for that you need to find a different concealer for different month.I never knew this and used the same shade in all the season but now when I know this it does make lot of difference.

Hope you liked the tutorial

Your neighbour hood friend


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  1. Hey Anju,,,I am ok now..had lots of food and met one of my close friend…she got emotional when we were leaving..i feel blessed:)
    My recent post Make up tips-Concealer application

  2. It is lot of fun dear…We only realsie ther eimprotance once we go far away from them:(
    My recent post Make up tips-Concealer application

  3. I use loreal..sonia if they r too dark then massage every day with aloevera or almond oil naa.
    My recent post Make up tips-Concealer application

  4. i simply admire when my friends wear blushes and eye liners or lipsticks for that matter… but i guess i'd never learn to wear them myself…:((


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