How To Apply Eye Shadow On Small Eyes


How To Apply Eye Shadow On Small Eyes

Eyes are surely the most attractive and first features of the face which a person notices and admires! The lips and other facial features come afterwards! Eyes are known to speak a lot and sometimes the unsaid is also communicated with the eyes alone when words are not enough!

Well, you must have read about so many poets and novelists describing about the beauty about a woman’s eyes as deep set eyes which have a mystery and which speak a lot! Well, these are the mere imaginations which a person adds to describing the beauty of the eyes! In fact there are so many shapes of eyes and only a particular eye shape cannot be termed as best!

golden urban decay eye makeup smokey

Coming to those who are blessed with small eyes, there are some ways in which one can make there eyes more attractive and bigger through makeup and this is what we are going to discuss today!

Here is a step by step procedure in which one should ideally apply eye shadow over smaller eyes to make them revealing!

Prep your eyes-

Urban decay eyeshadow primer potion reiew

First step for any eye look is to prepare the canvas for flawless eye shadow application! Start with applying an eye shadow primer on the eyes, this will make it easier to apply eye shadow and blend it eventually!

Choose Light Eye shadow-

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Always go for light shades of eye shadows so that the shades enhance the shape of the eyes by creating and illusion with the shades! Apply the light shade all over the eye crease-area and then you can add some deep hue towards the outer corner!

Highlight your brow bone-

Peachy gold bridal eyemakeup look

Another tip to make the eyes look bigger is to highlight the brow bone with a light highlighter shade so that it creates a wide awake impression and brightens up your eyes making them look a little bigger!

Dark eye shadows for outer corner-


We know how much you loved a particular gothic look and wish to flaunt it but believe me that would not come out really well on your small eyes. Instead you can smartly use the dark eye shadow on the outer corner and create a smoked eye effect with the inner corner being light. This look will be more suitable for your small eye shape!

Line the upper eyelashes-

bourjois duochrome eyeliner in Violet Rose review+ violet liner

Lining the upper eye lash can make a lot of difference in how a small eye can look so much more appealing with just a single stroke of eyeliner! You can also extend the upper eye line to a cat eye look which will give a more attractive look!

Line the waterline-

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Always go for applying kohl or eyeliner over the water line so as to make them standout with rest of the eye makeup and give a complete look to the eyes!

White Eyeliner In Inner corner-

using white liner_naked eye

Apply a white eyeliner in the inner corner of the eyes although you need to practice a lot before debuting it on a special occasion!

Thin and not thick Eyeliner-

stila liquid eyeliner indigo eotd

As a matter of fact thick eyeliner can do much wrong than doing any good for your eyes! So stick to use a felt tip eyeliner for the most precised outline on the upper eyelids so as to make the eyes look fuller and protruding!

Hope you like these ways to make your eyes pop and appear alluring!

Have you tried these eye makeup tips for small eyes?

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  1. 10/10 tips Ira..i always go for thin lines and use a nude eyeliner on the water line..not always but most of the time on small eyes.


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