How to apply fake eye lashes (video)and QVS Natural lashes review


Though I have thick eye lashes but I really like to use natural fake eyelashes.They  enhance the eye make up and make one look chick.Sometime I just use the fake eye lashes, some mascara and eyeliner and go out.

Recently I got QVS(Quality Value Style natural eyelashes style Q4.These are perfect for those who have bare minimum eye lashes.Eye lashes are great for those who are college going as it gives natural and casual look.The best part about these eyelashes are that they are not heavy on eye lids otherwise most of the previous eyelashes which I have used made me feel as if I have some thing heavy on my eye lashes.

I haven’t explored much of QVS product but I am highly impressed with their quality and commitment.It is mentioned in the package that if you are not completely satisfied with your product at any time just return it to QVS for a replacement with no charge.This is really commendable.

The price of the product is little on the higher side but it is not that expensive as well.The cost of the eye lashes is Rs 299 which comes with extra adhesive.Packaging of the product is also beautiful and I am surely going to try other QVS products as well.

Below here is my video of How to put natural fake eye lashes.Hope you guys like it.



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  1. Thanks Cynthia..I so loved the eye lashes which you were wearing in your recent black and white pic..but they were of revlon naa?


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