5 Different Ways of Applying Foundation



5 Different Ways of Applying Foundation

Hello beauties!

There has been a lot going on about foundations on WiseShe, so I decided to add my two cents of knowledge here! There are so many types of foundations and they offer different types of coverage and finish. Similarly there are many ways of applying foundation and the method you use gives you the desirable coverage and finish. These methods are useful when you are using a cream/liquid foundation.


best foundation 2012


Your fingers:

This is the most basic method of applying foundation. Though I find it unhygienic and inapt, many people swear by it. The warmth of your fingers helps in the foundation getting blended easily and you get full control too. Professionals and many make-up experts avoid this method!

Damp Sponge:

The damp sponge gives you a light coverage and helps in seamless blending too. The beauty blender is the first choice of professionals but it is not available in India. I ordered a dupe from buyincoins.com and it works efficiently well. Choose a sponge that doesn’t absorb a lot of your foundation ass it can lead to wastage.


applying foundation Damp Sponge


Stippling Brush:

This is my favorite way of applying foundation. The foundation is applied in a stippling motion, that is similar to a bouncing motion and you have the foundation spread across your face in dots. Then you gently buff it in circular motions for an air-brushed look. It looks very natural and gives a medium coverage. The coverage is buildable though.


stippling brush foundation application


Flat Buffer Brush/Flat Kabuki Brush:

This offers more coverage than a stippling brush and is denser than it. You can buff the foundation on your face in circular motion. This has more densely packed bristles and has a smaller surface area compared to a stippling brush.


apply foundation with buffer brush


Flat Foundation Brush:

This provides medium to full coverage and is apt for those who want to conceal a lot on their face. The foundation is applied in downward strokes for a better finish.


foundation brushes


Another tip that most of you must be already following is to take the foundation on the back of your palm i.e. dorsum so that the body heat warms up the foundation so that it blends properly. Also, start applying the foundation from the center of your face and work towards the outer areas so that it doesn’t appear too obvious/loud on the sides of your face.

Lesser the foundation on the sides of your face, the lesser your face will look made-up. This is my personal belief and you might find something else that works better for you!

How do you apply foundation?

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