How To Apply Glitter On Your Face


How To Apply Glitter On Your Face

For all those pretty ladies wishing to add that glamor quotient or that extra jazz to their looks, I’d say glitter all the way!! Yes dears, I dab of glitter on the right areas, can actually accentuate your entire look to a different level altogether.

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But of course, for that you need to know a few basics. What are kinds of glitters available, what are the things to be kept in mind while applying them and most importantly how to apply them in the correct way without looking like a Christmas tree. So let’s get started shall we?

First of all, there are types of glitters available. Some are meant only for specific parts of the face, like the lips or eyes, where as others you can safely wear them on both face and the body. The variations are:

Glitter cream

This is for those who wish to apply it in large areas of the face. Also it’s good for people with dry skin. It’s easier to wear and can be applied with just a slick of a finger or a brush.


Glitter dust

It’s the loose variation. This is used combining it with face paint or adhesive. Or can also be brushed on with light strokes on parts of the body.

Glitter cream

This gel-based glitter usually comes in a tube or a pot. It’s quite malleable and can be applied using either your fingers or a sturdy brush. It can be used to add a shimmer to dramatic eye make-ups.

Glitter liquid

This is glitter suspended in water-based liquid. It’s quite versatile and easy to apply. Glitter liquid has a comparatively longer shelf life and is available in a variety of colors.

How to apply the glitter

Firstly it’s always recommended that you do the eyes first so that if there’s a mess it can be cleaned up before you start on with the face.

The face needs to be cleansed but do not apply any moisturizer until you are done with the eyes, cause then the glitter falls might stick to the moisturizer.

While working on the eyes, you can start off by dabbing a bit of cream on the lids before applying the glitter, lip balms works equally well.

After dipping the brush into the pot always make sure tap your brush lightly so that the excess glitters falls of.

Use a flat dense brush to apply glitter on to the lids. Use light strokes an make sure you follow the shape of your eyes.

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If you want that sophisticated look then lightly dab some glitter right on the middle of the lids. This will give it that subtle sparkling look, when you blink. Or you can also apply some by starting at the inner corner of your eyes. But do not do up the entire lid. You can go for bold lips with this look.

Add a sparkle

A thin glittery line on the lids using a glitter liner is the easiest way to wear sparkle on your face. Try using it over lids that has already been made up using matte eye shadow. You can draw a thin line using glitter eyeliner and extend it up to a cat-eye wing. And then coat the lashes using lengthening mascara.

Using glitter eyeliner

Always consider the colors you are going to use for the rest of your make-up while choosing the glitter color. For example gold dust looks good with warm earthy colors like olives, browns, etc. Whereas silver looks more flattering when used with cooler shades like blue and purple.

Gently remove the excess glitter from the lashes, using a fan brush before applying mascara.

Application of a generous amount of translucent powder under the eyes is always recommended. This is a smart removal technique, as its helps to brush away the glitter falls easily.

Make sure you have separate brushes dedicated only to glitter in your kit. And keep these away from the rest. You don’t want glitters on all your brushes.

Some of the products you can try are:


They come in all colors, from earthy browns, bronzes to more jazzy shades of blues, greens, purples, etc. So take your pick get ready for some glitzy drama!

Have you tried using glitter to jazz up your face make-up?

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