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Other day I was watching  latest Lisa Eldridge eyeliner video and I  so loved the attention grabbing graphic eyeliner which she taught .Lisa Elridge explains  things so beautifully  that I immediately went in and tried it out .If  I like something in eye makeup then it keeps revolving in my mind till the time I get it right.

Graphic eyeliners are for those who don’t mind taking risk but the one which she taught was something which most of us can wear or  can try it out easily.

There is a simple trick for this eyeliner and that is to follow a triangle which I am going to explain ahead.


instyle graphic eyeliner tutorial+graphic eyeliner designs


Products used for this graphic eyeliner are:-



Winged Eyeliner graphic eyeliner  tutorial+how to apply winged eyeliner



Graphic eyeliner tutorial:-


  • Pic 1.Primed my eyes.Used nyx jumbo pencil.
  • Pic 2.Traced the upper lashline with the eyeliner brush.
  • Pic3- Gave it s winged eyeliner look.
  • Pic4 – Now try to meet the inner corner point of the eye to the end point of winged eyeliner imagining a triangle.
  • Pic 5- You can thicken the eyeliner line if you want.
  • Pic6 – Apply thick  2-3 coats of mascara . I skipped applying mascara on the lower lashes to make it look more wearable.



How To Apply Graphic Eyeliner Tutorial+winged liner tutorial


What kind of Graphic eyeliner do you like ?If you want me to do a particular graphic eyeliner tutorial then do send me the picture 🙂


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  1. Ana should this be done only with black ? or will this look good with colors like green/ purple / brown even ??? I want to try with Kryolan tom only .. Ur Black/white pic looks so good .. those remind me of hindi movies in the 80’s .. I wonder how they used to wing the liners ??


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