How To Apply Henna On Grey Hair


How To Apply Henna On Grey Hair

Henna is used not only on hands but also on hair. Many girls use it just for the shine and strength it provides to hair. Henna is a very good option if you want to cover you grey hair. Henna does not look great on completely white hair but grey hair can easily be hidden with henna. Henna is a good conditioner but still it makes hair dry and stiff so it is better to use a deep-conditioner whenever you apply henna. This way your hair will stay smooth and strong.

how to apply henna on grey hair

To make the henna paste, you will need-

Henna- as per the length of your hair

Amla powder- for a darker colour

Lemon juice- to develop the colour

Coffee powder or tea water

Plain water- You can skip it if you are using tea-water

Mix together all the ingredients and make a paste. Leave the paste overnight. You can also use it after 4-5 hours if you have less time.

Steps to Apply Henna On Grey Hair

First of all change your top and wear one that is old and you don’t wear it any longer. Henna application is messy and your favourite top may get stained so changing is better.

Apply some vaseline on your hairline so that your forehead doesn’t get henna stains.

Start from the top of head. Take a small section and apply henna with a henna-brush to the roots of hair and scalp area.

how to apply henna for grey hair

Coat thickly then apply henna to the length of the section. As you apply henna on the strands, keep winding them. Twist the hair section and place it on top of head. This way it will stay in place and will not hinder application.

Take another hair-section close to the previous section and apply henna to it in the same way. Repeat the procedure for whole head.

Hair sections will not fall off as they are wrapped tightly, are sticky and they harden too and stay in place. You do not need any hair clips.

Cover your head with a newspaper and wear a shower cap. Newspaper soaks the excess henna and you do not have to deal with dripping.

Leave the henna on for 3-4 hours. It will harden.

Rinse your hair with water very well. You will need a lot of water.

Shampoo and condition as usual. Complete removal of henna residues will need 2-3 more washes.

Now enjoy you shiny, coloured hair. You have covered all the greys without causing any harm to your hair.

Do you apply henna on grey hair?

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