How To Apply Kryolan TV Paint Stick Foundation


How To Apply Kryolan TV Paint Stick Foundation

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Use of foundation is a concept that gets better with practice and experimenting. We, on Wise She, have time and again explained details about foundations which explain how to select the right foundation shade and type and how to use them.

Today I am here to share with you all about how to use the very popular Kryolan TV Paint Stick Foundation. Using a stick foundation is the trickiest as a little carelessness can leave your face looking cakey and streaky. There are numerous techniques that people follow while using such foundations. However there is one technique that I suppose works the best.

Before I share about my way of using Kryolan TV Paint Stick Foundation, let me share with you all few details about the product.

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About Kryolan TV Paint Stick Foundation

Successfully proven cream make-up in stick form. The special base of TV Paint Stick allows gentle make-up application that provides effective covering at the same time. The KRYOLAN assortment of more than 250 color nuances for selection is truly extraordinary which makes this preparation indispensable for stage, film, TV and video work.

Shades Available: Kryolan TV Paint Stick Foundation Is available in more than 120 shades.

Price: INR 800 (Price may vary.)

Net Wt: 25 gm

Packaging: The kryolan paint stick comes in a twist up grey colored tube packaging. The shade number is printed at the bottom of the stick. The packaging is sleek and strudy.

Texture: It is a cream based foundation that comes in a stick form. It provides medium to full coverage depending upon the quantity of the product used. It is a bit thick and needs for focused, precised blending for the flawless dewy finish.

How To Apply Kryolan TV Paint Stick Foundation?

People find blending and using this foundation difficult but honestly it is no science to crack. Just a set of right steps can make application of this foundation a cake walk for you. With some trials and experiments, I have discovered the best way using the paint stick and have been following it since years. Today I shall share the same with you all.  Below are the steps how I use it.

Step 1

As always before any makeup application, prep your skin with a proper CTM. I will always recommended to not to use a heavy moisturizer at this step, since the aim is to moisturize skin not to make it greasy. A heavy moisturizer will make your face greasy and also make you feel uncomfortable with the foundation.

Step 2

how to use primer 2

After moisturizer application, I sprayed smash box primer. This will enhance the longevity of foundation and also serve as a smooth base for foundation application. You can use any primer.

Step 3

how to blend foundation 1

Now apply the foundation. I usually also apply a contouring shade but here I am skipping it for this tutorial, so as not to complicate things and move off the topic.

Step 4

kryolan foundation blending 3

Here comes the most crucial step, BLENDING. I adore beauty blender and this works fabulously well with the paint stick. Take a damp beauty blender and blend all the foundation. Be patient and take your time in blending. The more precisely you blend the more flawless will you look.

This finishes the application of the foundation. Follow with the rest of the makeup as you will usually do.

makeup look with foundation kryolan 4

In this article I have shown my bare face, which obviously is not looking good but this is what makeup is for, to hide our flaws and make us look beautiful. We all suffer with dark circles, open pores, etc. and one should be honest with their readers about it so that the readers understand things better.

This was all about Kryolan TV Paint Stick Foundation. I hope this helps you all. How do you like to use the Kryolan TV Paint Stick Foundation.

Have you tried Kryolan TV Paint Stick Foundation?

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  1. Wow anamika! Your blending is really good! And no, your bare skin is nowhere near not-good-looking; you look amazing! :*

  2. Hi there
    Great explanations
    Can u plz tell me the number u used for the tv paint stick cuz I have the same tone of skin n I can’t seem to be able to get the right tone.
    So plz help!!


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