How To Apply Lip Liner Perfectly


How To Apply Lip Liner Perfectly

Applying a lip liner is an act of precision and patience. We often end up smudging it ourselves and then looking lost. Even combining it well needs some level of education on matching it with the right lipstick. The most important function of a lip liner is definitely to accentuate the look of your lips with just a lipstick. Another important reason why you should apply a lip liner is to make your lipstick look long lasting. It provides that necessary prominence that makes your lip color blossom and come out even better than it otherwise alone would have.

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One important thing to keep in mind while purchasing a lip liner is to ensure its soft texture. It should not stick to your lips or drag them along while applying as it could be irritating or skin harming. Also, it better be waterproof and smudge free to give you a not to worry experience all through the day.

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Below mentioned simple steps lead you to apply a lip liner successfully.

  • Before applying a lip liner, one should ensure that the lips are dried of any lip balm or any similar cream. Always remember to use a less sharpened lip liner as it comes out better than a too sharp a lip liner. Also, whenever thinking of buying a lip color, match the lip liner also along to have a coordinated set.

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  • Now start applying the lip liner from the center of your lips, beginning with the upper lip first. Do ensure that the lip color at the novice stage is matching enough to your lip liner to ensure a smudge does not show much.

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  • Drag the lip liner to entire lip and follow the process for the lower lip as well. You may use a wipe or fingers to wipe off any smudge during the process. Once you are done with the lip liner, you may now apply a lip color of matching tone to fill up the remaining lips.

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Once you are through with one level of practice and precision, you are set to experiment with more and more colors to give yourself the freedom of choosing different lip colors and lip liners. It is often believed that lip liners are not that important, however the way your look is enhanced with a lip liner compared to only a lipstick is unparalleled since it adds a certain value to your lip color even if it fades away.

We need to see how we progress but for that easy application of lip liners is pretty much required which shall eventually grow into a habit and make us precised in applying the lip liners efficiently.

Hope the blog helped you remove a bit of your hesitation in applying a lip liner.

Have you tried these expert tips to apply lip liner perfectly?

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